Old Memories

New intentions for old memories
Memories that don't cease to grip -
The heart and soul
And, mind..
Memories that are unforgiving.
Memories that seep into every part of your being.


Lofty Dreams, and you.

Eyes laden with lofty dreams
Sleep that eludes
Peace that teases
Love that makes promises
To break them
Over and over gain
Dreams that are laden
With dreams themselves
These eyes that have never seen you
Forever now.


High and low
High, Sip and Sing
High, heights of glory
High and neigh
From me,
To you.
Peace that pervades
Through equals..
Through equalizing


Grim, Grimy experiences of the past
Haunt alongside the howls of night's nightmares
These tears seem unstoppable
These heartbreaks manifold
Where shall I begin begging for truth
Where shall I begin begging for love


Truth sets you free

This facade of truth
This mask and boundaries that promise to,
Provide us refuge
Silly Innocent - Our Lives, We risk
In this game of shame and guise.


Rightful Purpose.

Anger that seethes under blankets of secrets
Anger that gives way to triumph in these dance moves
Anger that perpetuates every part of her being
Anger that coincides for beautiful protests of the soul
Anger that finds its rightful purpose.



This love that has pained my soul
This love that won't quit haunting
My days and nights
O beloved
How shall I return this favor to thee?

Behold such beauty

To the tap of a feet
For the clap of hands
To whistles that make music in thin air
To beauties that galore a garden
To heaven and back,
I have known a love
That I never thought would behold such beauty.

The Sun hasn't set.

The Sun hasn't set on me
The Sun won't set on me
I have been but reaching for Him,
And the stars..
The Sun won't just yet, set.
The early birds have a message for me
The early morning breeze fills my soul
With a zest to fulfill a life's stirring sojourn.

Newer Lives

From this never ending lies
From this place begotten with spite
I hope to find a newer hope
A newer meaning
A newer life
This newness which I hope to bind with love and dedication
Forever more.


Always with you

These measured musical nonsense
That creates this madness for a dance
With you,
With you..
Always. and, always, with you.


I wish never to forget

You who still set my heart afire
With a love I have never known
You who wrote my destiny to be with you,
Well, almost!
You who were elusive from the beginning
And, now, are lost from my life forevermore.
You who brighten my day with depleting memories..
You who never loved me back..
You who I wish never to forget.

All that we used to be

In that minute I had known
Such utter peace
Such beautiful bliss
Through you
Through me
Through all that we used to be..

In all the ways

In all the ways that I had learnt,
To love you.
In all the ways in which the Sun
Each summer's day..
In all the ways in which you could have
Been mine.
In all the ways that only Infinity
Is known..


The truth that you are

In your eyes I see
The truth reflected in my soul
In your presence
I find a peace that I haven't known
In all of my lifetime.

You who continue to shine

O beloved
You who were never mine
You who continue to shine
Like the ever present sun
In the deepest darkest places
Of my being..