Oh so rare

Repetitive madness of memories
Spread across the room
To embrace the sunlight
Pouring onto my face
Such delights seem
Oh so rare.

I promised myself

I promised myself I'd let you go
I promised I would never look back
The memories of you and I
Haunt my guts
To know you
To embrace you
All over again
All over again

Barely ever lasts

Never giving up.
Never backing down.
It is strange the things
We call upon ourselves to give up
To end..
To cease..
A mysterious song of love
That barely ever lasts..


Haunted by you

In the new languages I learn
In all the newness of a new morning
In the newness of every breath I take in
In all the new memories I shall create
They all will be haunted by you.


Where do you hide?

My beloved
Where do you hide?
I have looked for you
In the morning fog
In the late night stars
And the galaxies that they occupy
and, in the sweet smelling roses
That refuse to unhurt with their thorns..
And, I couldn't find you anywhere..
No, I couldn't find you anywhere.
Where do you hide?


Incomprehensible magic

In all the beauty that exists
On earth and beyond
That is non comprehensible to
Our limited understanding,
We belong there my love,
Yes, the beauty of our love
Belongs there..
In allll the incomprehensible magic.

The beauty that you are

Everything green
The blue mists that mingle with the breath
All that is gold and shimmers
They all seek
To be named after
The beauty that you are.


Suns of the West

Gorgeous suns of the west
This evening
Whispered to me
The pangs and pleasure of the crescent moon's
Delight to rise
Every dark night
To be that
Beacon of Hope.

Looking back

As brief memories of you and I
Fade into the night
As poems for you now become
A burden
As your laughter only makes my
Soul cringe with pain
As time passes by,
I wish not to look back.

Your name

The titian evening bears your name
Like my mind that arises with every dawn
How I can never let go of you
How my mind weaves more and more tales
Of you and I
Of Us
Of a love, that never existed..

His name

In the vast expanse of the azure skies
In the depths of the oceans
In the breeze and space that
Occupies everything
You'll find His name
You'll find His name
So gentle and true.


In exchange.

A new life beckons
Decked with silver lights
Decked with silverware
A new life beckons..
That which promises superior
You have no idea what
It asks in exchange.


Paint me Blue.

Blue waves
Blue oysters
Blue skies and Blue flowers for him..
Blue Blue earth.. Blue veins
Blue me..
Paint me Blue.


I keep holding on

Caught in unsolved mysteries
Caught in unresolved promises
Caught in dreams unfulfilled
I keep holding on to you
I keep holding on to me
I keep holding on to an us,
That has never existed.


Don't love me anymore

In my mind, In all the games people play, In the countless ways we disrupt interpretations, they all seem to lead to a lie. That you don't love me anymore.

Your presence

Your presence lingers within me like a beautiful song that doesn't cease to play in one's mind.



Like the first look of love in your beloved's eyes
This musical mysticism transcends me to glimpses of heaven.


Nothing ..

I asked and asked, what was needed, what could be done, I looked into the vastness of the skies and in that moment, I wanted to promise him the celestial beauties, I asked again.. All I got was a reply - "Nothing." That was the most difficult of answers to handle.

Oldest longing

In this eternal silence
In this space between
In these nuanced meanings of love
Yes, here..
You exist..
My soul's oldest longing.


Between Him and I

What is this musical epiphany that brings tears to the eyes?
Perhaps a divine conversation, between, Him and I.



These tumultuous ups and downs
This zig-zag ways in which a destiny can
Be delayed..
Keeps one waiting
Keeps one waiting on the divine
To show choices pristine.

Without you by my side

This musical festival I witness
This musical madness I indulge in
All of these, wonderful, divine,
Rapturous, events of my life,
Seem so delinquent, without -
By my side.



In the middle of the night
Between two eschewed dreams
There lies a poem
That can be recited just once.
I can never recollect it again.

Boundless Love

In the Brahmand
In the million million
There are stars
with endless
and a love so
it is the same pulse
that makes us tick.



Benevolent acts of God
In this mythical existence
Of loneliness
Of invincible sadness
Of tears that flow like a river
Of reverence for all experiences



Just to be around you
My beloved..
Instead I see you in the stars above
In the birds that fly high and nigh
In the ever triumphant patience of my heart
In the oceans so vast and insurmountable
Like our love..


Green green grass
White pearly Cats
Listening into our secrets


The stranger hums a new song with his mouth organ
It is the most melodious of tunes
Like the ocean against sand dunes..


She walks on magical waters so blue
The forests turn yellow and green too
With her newest whims and fancies
To turn into a Goddess unknown and true.


I don't know why

I searched you in songs
So melodic and true
I searched for you in
Rich and odic
I searched for you
Even in the nethermost
Places of my soul..
I couldn't find you.
I couldn't find you.
I don't know why
I couldn't find you.


As I scribble poem
After poem
A word after word
Never looking back
Never holding back
I scribble these shining words
That enchant my heart and mind
That never cease to melt my soul's
For more.

In search of you.

These fast paced rhythmic beats
These even faster paced heart beats
This inkling to all that's divine and mine
This swara
This raga
This rhythmic sadness
All of it
They are all
In search of you.


Friday night

The disco balls spin right
That glimmer and shimmer
Those right moves
For those beats
The only thing missing though,
Is you babe.



Hey what's up you. Never mind the drizzles for it might shine again - the Sun. Canoodling. Experiences are sometimes better than fantasies. You, me and the silence. The ever evaporating silence.


I know not

I know not if to call you my winter's summer shine Or the darkest night of winter's blisters..for, I hid you away in the corners of my heart which now bleeds to salvage our need to love one another.


You live through me

You are the eyes with which I see
The effervescent beauty of the world
The soul with which I try to feel the
Mystical madness of the Universe
You are the taste on my tongue
All that's sweet, and bitter..
You, yes, its indeed you
You live through me,
As if you were I.
And no other.


If only I knew

If only I knew
How beautifully written
Is my destiny
With you
I would've chosen
Errors from the past
That made more sense.


Your Lie

As I get my tongue to
Speak the truth
Run on a fuel called
Sweat it out for a purpose
named Truth
Everything is evident
Everything is peculiarly clear
Especially your lie.

Music can

The piano that knows its
Every note
Perfectly matched to
The voices of heaven
To touch my heart
In ways only
Music can.


Tangled words.
Words that make
Only to
The heart
But the mind knows the truth
That the heart takes time

A song of Gratitude.

This power to sculpt,
This virtue to make -
One's own
To sing praises to
The universe
For being ever
So harmonious
Much gratitude for this life!



As I live through this passion
This love
This freedom
To create
This drive that rushes through my veins,
Marrow and skin
I believe there exists
Truth and fiction
In the most beautiful ways..

Untitled 2/Heal

All it took was
My beloved's
Loving embrace
Dress my wounds

He seems to bring
All the healing
From abodes above
Look, I am all healed..
Bless this feeling I feel.

Towards you

As I head toward my beloved
As I head this road
Where our trajectories meet
Where our synergies blend
To create the most
Magnificent of worlds
That which understands the
Love of Deities.

Untitled 1

Tears that are unmatched for jewels
Tablas that sync the heart beat
Never knowing what to do
Melodies that entice you
To entice the world around
Gentle goodbyes..

Languages we don't understand

I listen to songs that render melodies
I enjoy
In languages I know not
I think of how we loved each other
Though we never really understood
One another.