Toward Heaven

Nightly wine
Nocturnal Bats
Night-time lights
In company
So blissful
So tranquil
Ready to head toward

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams -
These dreams that haunt
Every night
To give into worldly conquests
To give into my soul's incomprehensible
To be

Good Bye

These words that seek to worship
Your presence
Forever elusive to my ever
Grasping losing failing hands
Craving a final good bye.

Sonnet 17

I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz,
or the arrow of carnations the fire shoots off.
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved,
in secret, between the shadow and the soul.

I love you as the plant that never blooms
but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers;
thanks to your love a certain solid fragrance,
risen from the earth, lives darkly in my body.

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
Thus I love you, because I know no other way

I love you : where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep. 



Juggle my heart soul and mind
Juggle them emotions, divinity and catastrophic thoughts
Juggle these crazy silly things
That I am made of.


My insignificant significance
Of existence
With you
Now, without you
I am bereft of words
Of pens, paints and sketches
What do I write about
Who do I write for
What do I make of me,
When all there left is
Silver sadness with which
I see the marvel of our love.

We never were

I imagine you
I imagine me
I imagine us like we never were
Oh this dreamlike mystery unfolds
In the depths of my heart
To hear such songs
To bear such fruits
To talk such sweetness
To be me and you..
To be me and you -
All over again..
To be like we have never been.

Dreams and Destiny

My forgotten dreams
My un-born dreams
Dreams from yesteryear
Dreams for that high
Dreams that keep reelin'
Dreams that sure are a destiny.


Change, like the morning sun to noon
Change, like the Chameleon to her ambiance
Change, like the stock markets that rise and crash
Change, like - your mind.


I'd rather

I'd rather be locked away in your memories
Than be the reason for your perpetual
Dramatic disgust
Arising from this event of the hearts

I'd rather be an elusive recollection
Of truthful perceptions
Of silly days
Of simple ways...


New dawning
New beginning
Newer thoughts
And, newer soul inspiring
These ways of the 'new'
Never fail to excite
My sobbing, slumbering soul..


Someday I hope to see in your eyes what my heart has left unsaid.


If we are quiet enough, we can listen to our love's unending messages.


Sometimes silence penetrates your soul, and stays there forever.


To miss you

These days
Being alive
To miss
You - in the
The most
Unknown place
My Soul.

You are beautiful

You are beautiful
My love
Like the random murals
On a wall
Like the perpetual lyrics
Of a song on the loop
Like the images I create
From a place of nowhere..
You are beautiful.

Mine atall

As I turn to rust
As memories of me
In your mind
Become Obsolete
Like the setting sun
I wonder If you were
Mine at all
Maybe, its time..
For me to leave.


I have been yours
From a long time ago
From the time the Earth
Belonged to the Skies,
To the Universe..
Since Fire belonged to
Its smothering sparks..
Since the Beryl waters
Belonged to the lands so deep..
I have been yours all along.


Infused with our
Yesterday's Love
I create
I keep at it
I create these rhymes
With no melodies
Sometimes bereft with
Today's naughts
Colored with my eternal longing
For your presence
Amidst your mockery of
My feelings.


Won't you let me be yours

In my eyes I see
Truth reflected through the
Compulsive need
To be yours
Won't you let me be yours?

A message from
The evening Sun
Midnight Creatures
And the Morning's breeze
Won't you let me be yours?

To be all of me
While I try and be yours
Must be a task
Of such greatness
Won't you let me be yours?


These hushed shedding of
Like a winter's bitter cold
Midnight's drizzle..
None to witness.

Towards You

Like the Rivulet paving her
To the indomitable Ocean
Help me pave my path
and, always.



In my soul
In my mind
In my heart's wildest secrets
You seem to reign supreme
and, true.


My mind and soul
Are chaotic
Without the gentle reassurance of
Your love
Your truthful ways
Your rebellious charm
My determined heart
Finds no way
In this battle
I can't seem to win
This war of self proclaimed love.


Love gone sour

Like the lost traveler
I am still searching
My love
I am searching for blunders that
Mar you and me
Broken wood, dirt and discarded stones
That tell tales of our love
Like mute audience that witness
Miseries of a love gone sour.


Vrindavan is decked
With thy laughter
With thy playful ways
Of love
and, friendship.
With colored skin
Celebrate your eternal longing
For her.
Ah, How lucky must she be.
O Lord, I thank your transcendental presence that
pervades in us all..


Throbbing hearts
Signage of love
and, of longing
For my beloved
So nigh
Yet so far


As the dusk sets in
Across the tangerine skies
With each celestial twinkle appearing
One after the other
Your presence is
Much missed



This Sorrow
That pains and comforts me
At the same time
Your not being there
Your remembrance
Which one shall I hold on to
So that I can continue
My insane ways
Of knowing you
Of ever loving you
Of ever being with you..

When and Where

From when to when
From here to there
I have pledged to run
Across the skies and moon
In search of you
From this day on
Til the day I find you
Awaiting me
Welcoming my presence
With joy.


The gentle breeze that engulfs the skin
Soothing me
Assuring me
Everything is well
Everything is cared for
I can rest
In peace..
The gentle breeze that carries your un-given
Embraces me
The gentleness of a love
Complete with hope.


Screaming out my devotion
Devotion embedded with
Thoughts, words, deeds
Devoid of the karmic magic -
Endowed with only the divine rapture
That I know of.


The beat of my every step
The beat of my thumping heart
The beat and pulse of the world
That lauds me to love you
over and over and over


Meditatively forging
This divine quest
To know you
To hear out all of you

Your presence that throbs
In my soul
Like the earth that throbs
with a million organisms..

I'll write to you..

I'll write to you in my dreams
I'll write to you about my miseries
and the unhappiness
I'll write about everything that ever bothered me
I'll write to you like I knew you
A loving dear I could run to..


Remains of me

It's friday night
I think of a reservation for two
Then I forget
You are full of promises
I thus conserve all that I am
By being consumed by what remains of me.


Masquerading questions of truth
Misleading jealousies of love
This is the significance of being
While being privileged to

True Love

Sometimes I know the rebel that
You are
Other times I do know the divine
That you actually are..
In between these
I imagine you to be my beloved
My only true love..
Breathing purity into my being
Turning my skin to gold
Turning my mortality to the immortal sin
Of being yours.

Letters of Love

Like the homeless
fearlessly slumbering under
The refuge of the sun
Like the morning birds' flight
across the mountains so high
Your divinity evades
my mortal tongue
and my quick fingers that
ache to write to you
Letters of love.

The Mystery and the Music

The mysterious ways of
Your fingers
On the strums
Of a Sitar
Of a Veena
Of a Guitar
Embracing my heart and
Touching me in places
I have known not
Setting my soul free
Oh, ever so free..

To the future!

These enchanted days of music
All of it destined for me
In the whimsical signs of a magical
For a beautiful future.


Your Silence

The bees seeking dead flowers
The moth that dies from seeking
The bright wild lights..
Do not tempt me with your silence.

Have I met you before?

Your absence is the
Poverty of my soul
Restless-ness is my other identity crisis
Dual mindedness is my ritual
Have I met you before?


Dreams from decades ago
Dreams from a year ago
I am dreaming this endless dream
This is the only thing I know for sure..


Grim faced sadness
Repetitive craving
For that one
For that one
For that embrace
This loneliness
Substitutes well.


Yesterday and Today.

Late Late nights
Drunken Eyes
Drunken Minds
Blurring the boundaries
Of yesterday and today
Yesterdays for me
Today and Tomorrows for her.

I didn't find you.

In my blunders of writing
In my blunders of writing for you
In my nuanced tragic heart breaks
In my ever perpetual need to be devoted
I didn't find you.



With Blindness I see
All the beauty that surge
Through my soul
That sought
To be


It could've been you

The soundtrack of this life
Of my mind
Of eternal memories
Could've been you.


Blue berry eyes
Secrets songs
I wonder why, here - I don't belong


The Moon and his secrets

The moon wished to hide secrets
From you and I
In the form of silver craters
To hear and know them though
We may have to travel all the way
To the moon.. and dig up the craters..
You could let me just.. love you.


Too tied up in these knots
Of love and other such important stuff
Stuff that no longer seems to seep through
My mind
Give me a break
Cut some slack
Too tied up I am in these knots
Knots of love, needs and wants..

Its time to swim in crystal clear solitude.


These Words

These words that rhyme with the madness of your love
These words that crave for that one sight of you
These words that forever seek to be with thee
These words that seek to worship the invincibility of our love.


Have you?

Have you seen the moon tonight, darling?
He resembles thee..
Have you heard the night's call?
That promises togetherness for every morning..
Have you been in love enough, darling?
To bless us with memories that will last decades..
Have you been me darling?
So that I can be you.. all of you!


Only you

Disproportionate - these mutual feelings
Rectangular and spectacle-d views
Audience swoons
Looks like I'm in a soap opera too
Applause is not what I am looking for
But you.
Only you.


To be with you.

To watch the sun rise in your eyes
To be with you every night for that moon rise
To be with you as long as there're birds to the skies
To be with you as long as there is blue to the oceans
To be with you for as long as the age of time
To be with you always..


Your quixotic ways
Your mysteries that won't share the secrets
Secrets about you and I
Secrets that won't let us be
Secrets told by the moon last night
Only for us to hear..
And to set us free.


You are..

You are my yesterday's song
You are my past's lost ways
You are the wealth I never inherited
You are the discomfort of my soul
You are the news from my heart
That made me a rebel..
You are all that you were
You are all that you could never be.



O stranger
I know you,
And your strange strange ways..
Why wont you hold me
Til the dawn of a newer morn'
Til the dusk of a golden past
O stranger
You have gotten me spun
Spun in your strange strange ways..


That you loved me.

In a dreamless night
In a dreamless dream
You and I existed
To make way for grandeur
To make way for rivers and oceans and tress
In a dreamless night
when all was dark
and there was nothing more left
your silence whispered to me
that you loved me.

He laughs

he laughs like the shimmering tinkling diamonds
he laughs at my fantasies
he laughs and doesn't understand my dreams
he laughs at the stories I wish to say
he laughs away..


These cold wide eyes
Like the craters of the moon
Delve into secrets of my heart
My heart that breaks down at every sight of you
Every whim of you..



Slumber calls these eyes to sleep
Slumber has become me
Slumber seeks to destroy thee
Slumber in all her cold coldness
Slumber in these eyes..
Slumber is all there is.


Old Passion

Like an old passion
You revive all the life within me
You help me become all that I cannot be
You help me see that which I do not care to see.
Like an old passion -
You set me free.