Boundaries that begin to jar and blur| black velvet dresses|forever wanting that something and that something only| finding new solutions for old problems| this nothingness that pervades everything|A blank sheet and lots of ink pens| to write and write and write| oh what joy!| item numbers one can dance to| being, giving, loving| never knowing what's there for you| far and away| telephones that refuse to ring| I will walk this deserted island to know time and me| I will never be surprised by you or them| They, them and theirs does not equal to I, me and mine| fictional stories that have creative beginnings| the ever wonderful sunshine after the rains| sky could be orange this evening but the morning shall be yellow as ever| cardamom tea with breakfasts| angled and divided causes precision| the harder you work the better you feel, the better you feel, the harder you work| I shall continue typing| I shall continue this writing| every genre has a style that is memorable| memories made from heaven|

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