Standing through bus journeys|Chapatis for breakfast| Red ear phones| if you want a fight, I may not give you a 'fight'| Displacement of respect in the place of love| Will it work out?| Random negative thoughts in life| The open cubicle with a desktop| Not knowing 'when-to-give-up?'| The chirping of morning birds| What an evening to remember| Happier than ever| Feeling the primitive need to grow-and keep growing| Never understanding a direct straight point| a non-repetitive way of living | for some, 'stability' means everything| Rs 140 a day = $ 2 a day| 'no' to everything doesn't make me feel good| Looking for the experience and not the feeling| Love already is everything you want it to be| This endless liking for life| Why must one run away?| What is that which is precious but costs nothing| An alert manner of being and living| Honoring oneself so that, we can honor another|

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