Do you hear 'em?

Note : Readers of this post, to enhance your experience of having really read and 'heard' the post.. Here's what you need to do. After each sentence, pause,close your eyes and try to 'hear' what I have described in your "mind's ears". Thanks much.

1.Music blasting from the Television.
2.Utensils dumped for a wash.
3.Carpenter activities from next door.
4.The traffic outside.
5.The wash sink gulping in all the strained water.
6.Bathroom water beneath your feet - the subtle sploosh and splash.
7.Foot steps up the stairs.
8.Breath that you take in, and breathe out.
9.That flutter in your stomach when you're nervous (although noiseless)
10.Hunger pangs.
11.Girls' gossip.
12.Chewing food.(ew?)
13.A lovers' sigh.
14.The sound of a kiss.
15.Water filling up a vessel.
16.The honk of a distant vehicle.
17.The refrigerator-when switched on.
18.The latching of a door.
19.Mother calling your 'full name'.
20.Opening and shutting of wardrobes.
21.Rubbing of ears and eyes.
22.The ringing of your phone.
23.A loser's grumble.
24.The sound of your computer/laptop,while starting windows.
25.The cracking of groundnut shells.
26.The engine of your vehicle.
27. Add your own in the comments below. :)

"Music is all around us. All you need to do is hear it." August Rush

Special thanks to Vai for the idea.