Fine day

Detoxing days|meeting new friends|cute songs play on the laptop|bottled water|tender coconuts|healthy bodies|lyrics are essential like good food|vimeo videos|Spanish love|gold ornaments|Banana republic|designing clothes|meetings and announcements|delays and longings|love and wine were never meant to be|cut nails|plaited oiled hair|blue skied evenings|certificates and other external validations|new clothes;make merry|mirrors are for fools like me|earrings and diamonds|pink yoga mats|rhythmic melodies|blacks,whites and greys|niceties and manners|sharing books|exchanging dialogues|stories of love and yearning| emptiness and nullity|breath and soul|gains and losses|endings are beginnings-beginnings are sometimes endings|

Corollary:All that seems "cool" are just made up of a lot of hard work and intensity.

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