Dizzy busy moods
lost touches
craving lunches
on you on you
now its all on you
awake and still asleep
now waking to a summer
month night's sleep
sleeping and awakening
silence penetrating
all these lies
In you and in me
we live
we live
slumber gulps
all our sins down.
don't be afraid.


Fine day

Detoxing days|meeting new friends|cute songs play on the laptop|bottled water|tender coconuts|healthy bodies|lyrics are essential like good food|vimeo videos|Spanish love|gold ornaments|Banana republic|designing clothes|meetings and announcements|delays and longings|love and wine were never meant to be|cut nails|plaited oiled hair|blue skied evenings|certificates and other external validations|new clothes;make merry|mirrors are for fools like me|earrings and diamonds|pink yoga mats|rhythmic melodies|blacks,whites and greys|niceties and manners|sharing books|exchanging dialogues|stories of love and yearning| emptiness and nullity|breath and soul|gains and losses|endings are beginnings-beginnings are sometimes endings|

Corollary:All that seems "cool" are just made up of a lot of hard work and intensity.


This expansive silence,
These winter mornings
In every breath of crisp air
In every move I always make
They all seek to love you,
Only you.



To be in your arms
To sing you songs
To be your longing
But here I am
Embraced by sweet sweet loneliness
That promises me a better day



Burning eyes|green floral pillows|packed lunch boxes and cases|considerations & re-considerations|Of luck,karma & choices|responsible freedom|monday morning blues has its hues|paper bags are carry bags|doing what you love & loving what you do|evaluations & estimations|churning questions|confusions & nuances|late comers are not welcome|plans and schedules|loud vegetable vendors|strong breaths|the ever flowing traffic|dry air & heavy clouds|orange carrots are healthy-can make you wealthy|internships and work life|unemployment statistics|of jealousy & truthfulness|appreciation & implications|deliberate creations.


Sour Grapes and Pink Apples
In this insecure vulnerability
Sour Grapes are also green
Pink Apples are also but bland.