The Wanderer (Khalil Gibran)


The Snow Queen

Lost senses|Lost keys|Sleepy heads|Weepy eyes|Coffee-table books|Carry bags,Back packs,Hand bags|Sincerity equals vulnerability|Hot days & Warm nights|Chipping teeth & nails|Helpful thoughts & helpful actions|Clueless lives & Renditions| People & their designations|Wine sipping & trip hopping| Nipping Rose buds|Consciousness & Awareness| Connecting dots cannot be fun| Oogling eyes|Taking it or Leaving it|Alternatives|Transformations|Recessions|Concessions|Fancy note books & note pads|Dreams & destinies|Voyages & travelogues| Fears need not bring tears| Growth & Clarity|Board Games(guess who?)|Punctuality is everything|Green sour mean Mangoes|Red Chili Powder|Oil Pans|Happy never endings|


Dear Azure

Ripples of influx
Bip Bop Boop
Ogling the clear lavender skies
Blue water kissing my ears,
Calmly buoying my heavy form
Here,lay me to rest.



Crumble - Mumble - Tumble.
A Circus?
Do I look like a show stopper to you?
Know what it's like to have my blue bleeding Heart,
Do the Pitter Patter act?
Fuck You.


Days go by

Flickering net connections|watering plants|holidaying in Maldives|i cannot read maps|happy birthdays|traces & paintings|shiva & his greatness|movie watching|date fixing|mix & matching|dessert wine & bubbly|rainy evenings & busy mornings|That particular woman's laughter|headaches & abdomen cramps|dinners & late nights|black bean bags|ugly famous rock stars|love can be like free air|of apathy and not looking back|pretty brides & engagement parties|spanish lyrics can be worrisome|lies & spies|awesome new friends|family dramas|farce relationships|exclusive swimming sessions|old friends define love and nostalgia|gratitude|life can get better|