This starry Night sky
Laden with my dreams
I look up.
I search,
I find meaning; I find you.
Sweet sweet twilight air,
With every breath I take,
I enliven my love for you -
Capture,nourish and understand,
 Myself. More.
I remember
I relive
This Deja Vu
This memory of your Love
With another or alone
This consistency-
Such a beautiful surprise-
You know? It is unlike me.
Because - I've been falling,
Preying your presence,
Hoping you will not notice;
How earnestly I am in love with you..
I have loved you.
I love you
I will love you;
Only you.
Reaching beyond this rhythmic tragic reality,
For Chances, Tomorrows, Truths, Strength,Celebrations and Consistency..

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