Insignificant Memories

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My heart is rime -
It's time
It's time

I never wished for this
You know this

You left me empty and - crimson
With your daft reason.


Her smile
an enlightenment
to my heart.

A thousand more miles
Part us.
In my mind
you're closer
than ever.

Such Wisdom-true, and



one person got me right all along.
all She ever said was, i was being myself.
That's all it took to,
solve difficulties, complicated and simple.
the labyrinth of love.


If I forget, will you remember..
If I knew you lied about love
That you knew of it
That you loved her
Past December-
Would I love you despite.
If you knew
That I could change
That I could never be
The same,
Would you still call me
By her name.



If we'd let our mortality speak,
you will know that there isn't -
Time for Hide and Seek..
We shall face our demons,
and,Gods,and see them in each other-
Surprised, frightened and meek.

: )



What doth silence mean, my dear?
Does your silence mean,you love me still?
That I wont leave you still?
This magnificence of calm,gentle knowing,that for me,
you'll always be there..
Or a sad disposition of an unfulfilled love tale?



This starry Night sky
Laden with my dreams
I look up.
I search,
I find meaning; I find you.
Sweet sweet twilight air,
With every breath I take,
I enliven my love for you -
Capture,nourish and understand,
 Myself. More.
I remember
I relive
This Deja Vu
This memory of your Love
With another or alone
This consistency-
Such a beautiful surprise-
You know? It is unlike me.
Because - I've been falling,
Preying your presence,
Hoping you will not notice;
How earnestly I am in love with you..
I have loved you.
I love you
I will love you;
Only you.
Reaching beyond this rhythmic tragic reality,
For Chances, Tomorrows, Truths, Strength,Celebrations and Consistency..

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A Rhyme

I may not know your truths or lies,
But I will try.
I know your patterns,
And I know your ways.
Hurt me you will-
but love you,I will,
I stumble upon,
Yesterday's fickle passions;
Today my conviction is clearer,
To me-
Everyday you grow,but dearer.

PS - Please excuse the obvious simplicity of the poem.
This(and many) is inspired by my all time favorite person.
You know who you are. (heart)


I thought I knew Him.
My beautiful babe-
He sang songs I wrote.
Such perfection.

Flowers feast-
His face of light.
My hands,
Tremble-to ever so touch him.

Laugh of silver tinkles.
His love-
A language foreign,
We never did realize.