Do you hear 'em?

Note : Readers of this post, to enhance your experience of having really read and 'heard' the post.. Here's what you need to do. After each sentence, pause,close your eyes and try to 'hear' what I have described in your "mind's ears". Thanks much.

1.Music blasting from the Television.
2.Utensils dumped for a wash.
3.Carpenter activities from next door.
4.The traffic outside.
5.The wash sink gulping in all the strained water.
6.Bathroom water beneath your feet - the subtle sploosh and splash.
7.Foot steps up the stairs.
8.Breath that you take in, and breathe out.
9.That flutter in your stomach when you're nervous (although noiseless)
10.Hunger pangs.
11.Girls' gossip.
12.Chewing food.(ew?)
13.A lovers' sigh.
14.The sound of a kiss.
15.Water filling up a vessel.
16.The honk of a distant vehicle.
17.The refrigerator-when switched on.
18.The latching of a door.
19.Mother calling your 'full name'.
20.Opening and shutting of wardrobes.
21.Rubbing of ears and eyes.
22.The ringing of your phone.
23.A loser's grumble.
24.The sound of your computer/laptop,while starting windows.
25.The cracking of groundnut shells.
26.The engine of your vehicle.
27. Add your own in the comments below. :)

"Music is all around us. All you need to do is hear it." August Rush

Special thanks to Vai for the idea. 


Long Time Gone!

I still can't believe it's Norah with er.. Billie! :-S



pretty accusations seem dumb-
numb my nerves, marrow,
these mystics from the womb
shall be kept,shall be kept,
secretly secret.



Dizzy busy moods
lost touches
craving lunches
on you on you
now its all on you
awake and still asleep
now waking to a summer
month night's sleep
sleeping and awakening
silence penetrating
all these lies
In you and in me
we live
we live
slumber gulps
all our sins down.
don't be afraid.


Fine day

Detoxing days|meeting new friends|cute songs play on the laptop|bottled water|tender coconuts|healthy bodies|lyrics are essential like good food|vimeo videos|Spanish love|gold ornaments|Banana republic|designing clothes|meetings and announcements|delays and longings|love and wine were never meant to be|cut nails|plaited oiled hair|blue skied evenings|certificates and other external validations|new clothes;make merry|mirrors are for fools like me|earrings and diamonds|pink yoga mats|rhythmic melodies|blacks,whites and greys|niceties and manners|sharing books|exchanging dialogues|stories of love and yearning| emptiness and nullity|breath and soul|gains and losses|endings are beginnings-beginnings are sometimes endings|

Corollary:All that seems "cool" are just made up of a lot of hard work and intensity.


This expansive silence,
These winter mornings
In every breath of crisp air
In every move I always make
They all seek to love you,
Only you.



To be in your arms
To sing you songs
To be your longing
But here I am
Embraced by sweet sweet loneliness
That promises me a better day



Burning eyes|green floral pillows|packed lunch boxes and cases|considerations & re-considerations|Of luck,karma & choices|responsible freedom|monday morning blues has its hues|paper bags are carry bags|doing what you love & loving what you do|evaluations & estimations|churning questions|confusions & nuances|late comers are not welcome|plans and schedules|loud vegetable vendors|strong breaths|the ever flowing traffic|dry air & heavy clouds|orange carrots are healthy-can make you wealthy|internships and work life|unemployment statistics|of jealousy & truthfulness|appreciation & implications|deliberate creations.


Sour Grapes and Pink Apples
In this insecure vulnerability
Sour Grapes are also green
Pink Apples are also but bland.



Them brittle bones
shall shatter those barriers
Golden tear drops shall ever
jewel her cheek
long un braided brown hair
set free
Set free in the magic of the sun
Toes twinkle to paths of 
bells chime His name



Vanilla drops for desperate appetites|Red and pink mats|Sandwiches for lunch|Bills are easily paid when you love what you do|Covering skin with clothes and images|Gluttony is but another form of lust|Money matters|Groovy thursdays| Pre and Postponements|Coffee stained teeth|Green warm worms|The marriage between wine & tea|After parties|Working can be fun|Packed bags & packed minds|Forward thinking sometimes can be closed thinking| Leaking pipes & dreams|Summer is a long gone story,It is now but rains with that winter chills|Observations with such denominations can be useful|



My man
My man
Poly amorous or not
I want him to be..
To be,
Like the Lord,
With his women anointed to his Bosom.



There is a game of camouflage the comforter and the comforted play.
One seeking comfort and the other willing to comfort,and contemplate.
But if there is neither a comforter nor a comforted,or if that's one person
playing both;then it is a lie of two lives, a stupid game of guise and plays.



We'll make a TV show,
Music videos too my babe,
Our story is intriguing way much
History we shall make.


is all this strength 
for Love and more.
Just Within.
It was never without.

For Us

I would break them rules
Shatter these invisible boundaries
Of - them, that, they.
for reserving
for nurturing
A Universe
of just You and I.



I look for an "us"
I look for a "we",yes,
this is all I have been-
Looking for.

Bonobo feat.Grey Reverend - First Fires (The North Borders)




If sins were allowed
If temptations were followed through
And through.
If eating those forbidden fruits
Were forbidden too
They all would be,
They all would be
Named after you.

tight spaces

This patterned fostering of yesterday's thoughts and,
somehow lost and not yet found
temptations buried down under
looking for a space for such compulsive

Quarter Moon

                                                Quantifying a moon's distance to adjacent stars
                                                   does not mean he is in love with them.



Open Kitchens|White wine|Conversations|twos,threes,groups,solitude too|Linear pillars of a building|Extensions of a cafe|Jazz concerts|Meddlesome deeds|Unclean loos|Teenage love|Smoke rings & matted hair|

What is?

I wonder what strength is.
To love or to let go.
Convenience or truth-
If I were a teenager still,
I would never let you go.
Never leave you alone,
In solitude,
In your own.
I am not innocent.
I survive well,
lone and rotting..
To kiss and say sorry,
with a basket full of neighborhood Flowers.


Jaaga Magic

Olive green wine bottles jewel the wooden furniture..where milk white metal chairs collide, and carefully picked quotes, of an unknown gardener are signed across the food mats.Facing a monstrous, young creeper,whose masticating the open door,where semi-mature palm trees are already decked, with dwarf lights to brighten a poetic evening-maybe with you? Then I wonder why we ain't already doing El Tango on the crimson shaded rooftop.
(Also here: http://www.jaaga.in/node/337)



Nights for dreaming
Days for dreaming
About you
About you

You -
such a charming.

None else
My dear,
So near
So clear.



Plugged in ears
For Music's sake
Closed eyes
For Music's sake
Emptied hearts
For Music's sake
Richer souls
For Music's sake
Hungrier appetites 
For Music's sake
Every inhaling breath
For Music's sake.



Step with Step
Hand in hand
Flowers & Perfume
Public Displays of affection

Dive in

high & low,
down & up,
riding these winds of waves.



Oozing words
for dialogues' sake
on chewing gums
can be non sticky

Thinking Thoughts

Wet brown locks
Sun Bathing
These nasty empty spaces within.


The Wanderer (Khalil Gibran)


The Snow Queen

Lost senses|Lost keys|Sleepy heads|Weepy eyes|Coffee-table books|Carry bags,Back packs,Hand bags|Sincerity equals vulnerability|Hot days & Warm nights|Chipping teeth & nails|Helpful thoughts & helpful actions|Clueless lives & Renditions| People & their designations|Wine sipping & trip hopping| Nipping Rose buds|Consciousness & Awareness| Connecting dots cannot be fun| Oogling eyes|Taking it or Leaving it|Alternatives|Transformations|Recessions|Concessions|Fancy note books & note pads|Dreams & destinies|Voyages & travelogues| Fears need not bring tears| Growth & Clarity|Board Games(guess who?)|Punctuality is everything|Green sour mean Mangoes|Red Chili Powder|Oil Pans|Happy never endings|


Dear Azure

Ripples of influx
Bip Bop Boop
Ogling the clear lavender skies
Blue water kissing my ears,
Calmly buoying my heavy form
Here,lay me to rest.



Crumble - Mumble - Tumble.
A Circus?
Do I look like a show stopper to you?
Know what it's like to have my blue bleeding Heart,
Do the Pitter Patter act?
Fuck You.


Days go by

Flickering net connections|watering plants|holidaying in Maldives|i cannot read maps|happy birthdays|traces & paintings|shiva & his greatness|movie watching|date fixing|mix & matching|dessert wine & bubbly|rainy evenings & busy mornings|That particular woman's laughter|headaches & abdomen cramps|dinners & late nights|black bean bags|ugly famous rock stars|love can be like free air|of apathy and not looking back|pretty brides & engagement parties|spanish lyrics can be worrisome|lies & spies|awesome new friends|family dramas|farce relationships|exclusive swimming sessions|old friends define love and nostalgia|gratitude|life can get better|


Insignificant Memories

Long hair buns|enterprising concepts|waist coasts|hot lemon chai|dehydration|eye for design(venn diagrams)|junk|entertaining fellow intern|evening naps|exhausted loving heart|buffalo soldier-Bob Marley|masticating music|class consciousness|pretty bathrooms| mosquitoes & flies| blue pearl decked salwaar|straying bats|semi-celebrity gossip|sparkling dry cleaned shirts|arrangements|sleepy eyes,very nice|work travel|versatile boss|creative-writing can make you famous|borrowed books & original looks|wrong first impressions|stencil & spray paintings|non-hugging friend|promoting posters|switched off cell phones|uncool childhood friends|PG Wodehouse readings|dumb radio jocks|nostalgia|truths & sleuths|better living|ideas for charity|missed TV soaps|heading homeward.|


My heart is rime -
It's time
It's time

I never wished for this
You know this

You left me empty and - crimson
With your daft reason.


Her smile
an enlightenment
to my heart.

A thousand more miles
Part us.
In my mind
you're closer
than ever.

Such Wisdom-true, and



one person got me right all along.
all She ever said was, i was being myself.
That's all it took to,
solve difficulties, complicated and simple.
the labyrinth of love.


If I forget, will you remember..
If I knew you lied about love
That you knew of it
That you loved her
Past December-
Would I love you despite.
If you knew
That I could change
That I could never be
The same,
Would you still call me
By her name.



If we'd let our mortality speak,
you will know that there isn't -
Time for Hide and Seek..
We shall face our demons,
and,Gods,and see them in each other-
Surprised, frightened and meek.

: )



What doth silence mean, my dear?
Does your silence mean,you love me still?
That I wont leave you still?
This magnificence of calm,gentle knowing,that for me,
you'll always be there..
Or a sad disposition of an unfulfilled love tale?



This starry Night sky
Laden with my dreams
I look up.
I search,
I find meaning; I find you.
Sweet sweet twilight air,
With every breath I take,
I enliven my love for you -
Capture,nourish and understand,
 Myself. More.
I remember
I relive
This Deja Vu
This memory of your Love
With another or alone
This consistency-
Such a beautiful surprise-
You know? It is unlike me.
Because - I've been falling,
Preying your presence,
Hoping you will not notice;
How earnestly I am in love with you..
I have loved you.
I love you
I will love you;
Only you.
Reaching beyond this rhythmic tragic reality,
For Chances, Tomorrows, Truths, Strength,Celebrations and Consistency..

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A Rhyme

I may not know your truths or lies,
But I will try.
I know your patterns,
And I know your ways.
Hurt me you will-
but love you,I will,
I stumble upon,
Yesterday's fickle passions;
Today my conviction is clearer,
To me-
Everyday you grow,but dearer.

PS - Please excuse the obvious simplicity of the poem.
This(and many) is inspired by my all time favorite person.
You know who you are. (heart)


I thought I knew Him.
My beautiful babe-
He sang songs I wrote.
Such perfection.

Flowers feast-
His face of light.
My hands,
Tremble-to ever so touch him.

Laugh of silver tinkles.
His love-
A language foreign,
We never did realize.


Heart Break Warfare

He said No.
Full of midnight silence-their hearts;
Expensive isn't Time
But your Mind-
And stuff of this kind.

Inspired By John Mayers' "Heart Break Warfare"

An epilogue to the above : Idhayathile Raagam,Uddhatile mounama?Pesadha varthai,Manasuku ariyuma?
Re:Music in heart,Silence on lips,Unspoken Words,Does the Mind get it?



Shimmering eyes
Heavy Hearts
Words apart
Soul touching
Mind maddening
Materialistic wants.