Look what you do to me
Look what you do to me

All these years
I thought I couldn't set-
You free.



Here- You inspire me.
Through Me.
A child within the womb.



                                                      Your Face, like flowers in a meadow.
                                                                    A Sight to behold.


The Sky and You

In the million galaxies;
In all of the Suns Moons and Stars,
found in the expansive sky,
I search to look for your presence-
Eternally married to the Universe.


You keep alive a thousand words-
These words that seek-
To worship your presence,
Brace your being,
Nurture your soul,
Engulf your desires.



Difficulty is when you can't talk when you want to talk most.
Difficulty is when you can't talk to that one person you talk most.
Difficulty is when you can't hold your breath,thinking about that one person you think of most.
Difficulty is when all the above happen at the same time.


I Lost The Flow Of Time!

I loved the Buddha, I did not lack the Buddha's love.
I whispered,in my hidden experience,"Love other People!"
In my pure,clear life,
I promised to the girls
the absolute truth,
This Girl,in a thin white dress,did not understand me,
I was a simple young boy,
I had lost the flow of time.
The eternal young girl changes into an elderly woman
An eternal magic memory remians,
in my little mind.
I sit,shining in another's house,brewing tea.
I yearn for the Buddha's Love,
I know he remembers me.

Courtesy: The Literary Review(FDU)


You live in my heart,where no one sees you.
That vision becomes this art.



Creating Love(Part 2-Haiku)

a Repetitive Cognizance,
to my half drenched heart..
Crushed to ashes,
these pieces-


Stories in a Song

Stories in a Song

Conceived by Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan. Accounts of music making in India, and stories of the struggles and hardships faced by musicians both real and imaginary, lay the foundation for a collage of dramatized episodes that blend theatre, music and literature. Several forms of theatre in India make abundant use of music, but Stories in a Song takes the help of theatre to tell stories of musical forms such as kajri, thumri-dadra, khayal, remixes and more.

  • 120 mins (also at 3.30 pm on Sun)
  • English-Hindi
  • PW: Written by: Pervez/ Purva Naresh/ Ashok Mishra/ Anil Deshpande/ Vikram Phukan
  • Dir: Sunil Shanbag


Miss Sadarame

Event Details
Eminent theatre person K.V.Subbanna improvised the story of Sadarame as Miss. Sadarame, which was originally scripted by Bellave Narahari Shastry. The story revolves around an innocent middle class girl Sadarame, where a prince got attracted to her and wanted to marry her, sacrificed his kingdom to his greedy father-in-law and left the kingdom along with the newly wed Sadarame. Unknown to the new world, Sadarame was exposed to difficult circumstances from the cunning travelers of the story. By her extravagant intelligence Sadarame managed to escape from all troubles and finally remains as Miss. Sadarame.
Written by: K V Subbanna
Directed by: Manjunath L Badiger