Read Me a Lesson, Muse

Read me a lesson, Muse, and speak it loud
Upon the top of Nevis, blind in Mist!
I look into the Chasms,and a shroud
Vapourous doth hide them,-just so much I wist
Mankind do know of Hell;I look o'er head,
And there is sullen mist,-even so much
Mankind can tell of heaven;mist is spread.
Before the earth,beneath me,-
even such,
Even so vague is man's sight of himself!
Here are the craggy stones beneath my feet,-
Thus much I know that, a poor witless Elf.
I tread on them; that all my eye doth meet
Is mist and crag,not only on this height,
But in the world of thought and Mental Might!

3rd August 1818
John Keats' Sonnet.

On the poet-
John Keats(1795-1821) came from a family of modest condition faced with the early death of his parents. Attacked by consumption and agonized by a hopeless, unrequited love, Keats died young in 1821.

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