Reality- for Real?

A Bookshop.
A possible destination for someone who forgets to borrow a text book from the library?
Evening Air. Evening Traffic. Evening crowd.
An hour or a little more,before dusk.
After appearing important with unintended quick footsteps that carry a heavy backpack- A weary saturated student(Myself,only. Hello. Applause? thank you.) finds a luggage locker to her relief.
An old, feeble,almost well dressed, man, takes care of the luggage locker.
I am handed over a key.
Another vain attempt at finding the right textbook. I settle for whatever I can find.
After billing,I hand over the locker key to this old man. I ask him to open the locker for me.
He does as asked. Kindly so. With a gentle smile.
I instinctively want to acknowledge and respect that. I offer a 5 Re Coin.
He shies away. I ask him to accept it, again, affirmatively this time.
He takes it,with a smile that suppreses fear and eyes that look around anxiously.
Because the 5 Re coin is not 'honestly' a part of his monthly pay? Because his position and stature cannot defend a questioning official?
Or is it because he already knows that in a place like his-even an iota of 'dishonesty' could land him in trouble?

Is this the secret language of reality?
The reality, we are welcomed to, everyday, even without our consent?

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