Press and democracy

In a democratic country like ours, the press is the strongest means of communication. It makes the functioning of a democratic government ethical. It helps in portraying the image of such a government as a citizen friendly & reliable one. People can express their appreciation or grievances in a precise manner through the press, which acts as a reliable mediator. Every newspaper, magazine or any other form of press may not contain the same news & definitely not in the same way. By understanding & assimilating all these different viewpoints, we can draw our own conclusions of the happenings.... But at the same time it is important to do so without including the various biases that surround the situation. For instance, newspaper agencies or the media may be owned or even controlled by a person or a group of people who may use it to push forward their opinions and interests. The opinion, or viewpoint of the paper you read or the news you may watch on the tv, may not correspond to that of yours. It may be influenced by the policy of that particular media group or agency. That is, the same happening will look different to the person, to whom it happens & to the person who sees it happening. So, though freedom of the press is important, your own judgemental power plays a key role.

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