"We are just monkeys, wrapped in suits, begging for approval." - Jake Green:THE REVOLVER. courtesy Leeladhar Bhovi/ Lee Bhovi.


Battle Strategies for the "Strong"

Strategy 1:
Coercion Control,Power.

Strategy 2:
Confidence Trick.
"Oooh I have been through So-o-o mooch in laife!"
Response: "Oh Me too.. look this, this, ___,___, also happened to me."
Information Obtained. woohoo!

Strategy 3:
Pinch the baby,make it cry.
Then sing it a lullaby!

Strategy 4:
While I write a Blog post, you do the job of saving it prior to I publishing it :D
AWW. smart ass! :)

Strategy 5:
Highlight and exaggerate mistakes and insecurities.
Use them as your tool to defame thy enamiee.

And for you to think I am a victim of thy folly!

Oh how i can forget the Death Threats!?! Icing on zhee cake! :D