sleep sleep. sleep.

sleep sleep. sleep.
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One rainy afternoon.
sleep calls these weary eyes..to, sleep sleep sleep. sleep now darling.


Finally..im a Pro!!!



Its been easily, about a year and a half since i watched Television.(no,really)
Today, when i did sit for lunch at the table, the little monster in the house had Cartoon Network running.. And something was unsual about the Program. The characters looked familiar and well, made me nostalgic*, then it hit me..that it was the Amar Chitra Katha series which were being aired.
Ah, just the sight of it made my day!

*Me and Harshu had our very own mini lib of ACK books and we made good money of Rs.65 in a week. way back in 1998 :))







I have never been into sports..ever. The closest ive gotten is to watch a Wimbledon match. That too for some bizarre reason like-the green court and the players in white is so eye candy :D

Anyhoo, the point being, recently a very dear friend of mine comes up with a "poem" for a footballer .. apparently, the guy saved the day for his team etc :D

Here's the link to that post :
Stevie G

For those like me, who have no idea who Stevie G is.. Here's
the enlightening note.

Hey Amrutha,

Stevie G is the nick name for Steven Gerard. He's the captain of Liverpool Football Club.
The poem is about one game, it was the final of the most reputed tournament in club football.
well basically - Liverpool were playing agains AC Milan (The team I support) and AC Milan is huge in Europe!
So in the first of two halves, AC Milan was up 3-0.
Everyone thought the game was over.
But Steven Gerrard orchestrated an attack and helped Liverpool score 3 goals in just 6 minutes of the 2nd half.
He pumped his players and supporters like insane.
Liverpool went on to win the game; which has now gone down in football history as the most amazing game of football ever played.

This is a short clip out of a documentary which was made about that game.
It's fucking beautiful!!
Anyway, I was watching this video while I wrote the poem. :)


Seriously, this is one of those folklore things!!

Think how beautiful that game must have been for me to write a poem after my team lost!




M: "I think we both are against the system so much that we dont have an internal system anymore!"