Memories that make the Heart sing..

I was reading a friend's blog and it got me thinking how things from Childhood remain unfazed in the Heart. You may experience a thousand different things growing up..but none compare to the allure and transparency of Childhood. For most of us i think this holds true..
Here are some of my 7-8yr old days' highlights..

*Yanni's Music - I know he is no longer in the Music scene but few have surpassed his musical ability to make the heart soar to celestial places!

*Tinkle club - My neighborhood club of its own..Under the guidance of Editor-in-chief of Amar Chitra Katha Mr.Anant Pai (Uncle pai :D) god, we did most of what we do now in college fests back in the early 90s itself.. from Painting/art/craft Exhibitions to our very own mini libraries toCooking competitions to Badminton tournaments.. ( : suprising how ive regressed..boo :|

*Yardley talcum Powder - My favorite aunt used this all the time.. i think english roses or something .. the smell is still so fresh in my memory..

*Amar Chitra Katha Books - The Ramayana, Jataka Tales, The greedy mother in law :D,and the fortnightly tinkle subscriptions.. oh gosh..it makes me teary eyed..

*Chocolate halwa - My super duper hit for Cooking Competitions :D..psst,mail me if u want the recipe.. :D

*Unit tests - Scores ranging a x/y range of weirdness.. 3/10,7/10,..its a UT afterall :D

*Pop music - Yes, i was one kid who grew up on pop music.. hello we're talking about the year 1997-98..BSB all time fav :)) somehow i dont know many who like pop music :/

*Doordarshan- Surabhi every sunday night.. Small wonder,..somehow the hindi version was funnier :D

Well, that quote is sure a wise one.. The kingdom of heaven belongs to children?..

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