Hedda Gabler

*First play I attended with an intermission.
*Very first play where I couldnt stop fidgeting
*Surprisingly I was more interested in the food than what happened in the audi..
*2 entire hours of glum :|
*but yes,Jørgen Tesman is somewhat delightful

Hedda Gabler- Originally a Norwegian play written by Henrik Ibsen,also famously made into a sensational Broadway, present day India gets to watch Hedda Gabler protogonised by the almost well known Sheeba Chada.
Intense,Dark and Deliberate..

Here's a famous quote from the play.
"Yes, courage... if only one had that... then maybe life would be tolerable, after all..." HEDDA GABLER.

and, the friend exclaims -
You've taken me to the best & the worst plays I have ever been to :P

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