Citizen Josh

A monologue .. amazing amazing performance by the legendary(ahem!) Josh Kornbluth..
ladies and gentlemen I present to you.. Citizen Josh

An excerpt: A Jonathan Reinis Production, ‘Citizen Josh’is written and performed by Josh Kornbluth in collaboration with Arena’s Associate Artistic Director David Dower. In this production, Kornbluth examines and engages the fundamentals of democracy through his entertaining and moving autobiographical stories.

In 1980, Josh met every requirement to graduate from Princeton except one — he didn’t do his “senior thesis.” Now, over a quarter-century later, he tracks down his old advisor, a brilliant political theorist named Sheldon Wolin. Josh asks Wolin to help him complete his long-overdue thesis, on the subject of democracy. Josh’s explorations of political theory soon bring him into the “real” political world — as he finds himself at the center of a number of grassroots protests involving his local playground, state education funding, and even global warming. Including a pivotal encounter with former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, this tale blends recent electoral history with stories from the Civil Rights movement and academia.

Mr. Josh Kornbluth is the author and performer of the celebrated monologues Love & Taxes, Ben Franklin: Unplugged and Citizen Josh, among others. From 2006 to 2008 he hosted the weekly KQED-TV program “The Josh Kornbluth Show,” interviewing such figures as Annie Leibovitz, Alan Alda, Helen Mirren and Michael Tilson.

I still cant get over his shiny head and the unique slurp from the saucer. The show was at Ranga Shankara on the 19th of August(and the weekend close by-i think! if i remember right)On the occasion of treating a friend the tickets were brought for the play..with the presumption that "Citizen Josh" stood for "Citizen जोश" and mentally preparing myself to stand a couple of hours of hindi theatre simultaneously pleasing the friend that he got to watch a Hindi play.. but i was in for a pleasant surprise -- The play was Citizen Josh(:D) and an amazing single act of monologue by an infamous Princeton dropout Josh Kornbluth :D oh by the way, the play was worth every rupee and every minute of my time :))

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