"Don! Are you OK?"
He opened his eyes and smiled. His own blood was sprayed wet across his face.
"Richard,what does it look like?"

Is this how it ends,I thought, is everything a master says, just pretty words that can't save him from the first attack of some mad dog in a farmer's field?
I had to read three times before I could believe these were the words on the page.

"Everything in this book may be wrong."

Excerpts from ILLUSIONS-The adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.


Na Thukaram Alla

Play: Na Thukaram Alla
Venue : Ranga Shankara
Price: Rs.100
Date and time : 21st November,2010.(7:30pm)
Duration: 150(woah) minutes.

Watching a play like this can have consequences such as:
*Discussing your regional background with a fellow kannadiga
*Sudden snorts of laughter
*Becoming aware of diversities in one's regional language
*A growling tummy compensated with a break of sabudana vadas :))
*An extremely worried and annoyed parent waiting for you at the entrance :D(re:150 mins)



" ... And i thank thee lord; That you have enabled - Me to do many things. I can - I believe - Since they have no motive, nor an intent. No point. Just your grace. A name with no face. Your fragrance, of touch - Let it lift me high and nigh... I thank thee."


New Shoes!

"Hey, I put some new shoes on,
and suddenly everything is right,
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody's smiling,
it so inviting,
Oh, short on money,
but long on time,
slowly strolling in the sweet sunshine,
and i'm running late,
and i don't need an excuse,
'cause i'm wearing my brand new shoes!"

Lyrics Courtesy : Paolo Nutini- New Shoes.



Controlled and Coerced. Still the beauty reigns. The essence untouched. Fragile, Vulnerable; quiet - Slowly, silently - It continues to grow. The flame unput - Still aglow.



                                                      Hallowed be thy name.

                                                      Enter - The door;

                                                       Of power, games and fame.


(NB - attempt at Haiku. Couldnt resist the influence :( )



Ten thousand of your long dark hair-
Paving me the path,
To your glory;your crown: your Heart.
I abstain, I fear -Grandeur.
Grandeur of life.
Life as is supposed to be.
Children -
They run across the streets,
They laugh; Hymns of joy..
Sounds like thy name.
Music put to shame.
Reach out-I try.
The harder I try;
The bigger the gaps grow -
The longer the hours spent,
in your glory -
All but a memory.



* Shringara
* Hasya
* Adbhuta
* Shanta
* Raudra
* Veera
* Karuna
* Bhayanaka
* Vibhatsa

The cheapest commodity: Fear.
Even animals react to it.



So many names, so many chances,
So many days; and in so many ways..
Thou art special. Lead, and Thou - I shall follow.



Read Between the Lines ..

There's a bulk of truths
And a bulk of lies;
Think with your heart
Read between the lines.

Text courtesy : "Read Between the Lines" Bonobo.
Rows and Columns.




me and you?




Space-That Parts;That Holds; All Things.


Slicker than thou.



I look.
I keep Looking.
For that One-
One empty Auto.


Colored Tongue


sleep sleep. sleep.

sleep sleep. sleep.
Originally uploaded by Amrutha Bushan
One rainy afternoon.
sleep calls these weary eyes..to, sleep sleep sleep. sleep now darling.


Finally..im a Pro!!!



Its been easily, about a year and a half since i watched Television.(no,really)
Today, when i did sit for lunch at the table, the little monster in the house had Cartoon Network running.. And something was unsual about the Program. The characters looked familiar and well, made me nostalgic*, then it hit me..that it was the Amar Chitra Katha series which were being aired.
Ah, just the sight of it made my day!

*Me and Harshu had our very own mini lib of ACK books and we made good money of Rs.65 in a week. way back in 1998 :))







I have never been into sports..ever. The closest ive gotten is to watch a Wimbledon match. That too for some bizarre reason like-the green court and the players in white is so eye candy :D

Anyhoo, the point being, recently a very dear friend of mine comes up with a "poem" for a footballer .. apparently, the guy saved the day for his team etc :D

Here's the link to that post :
Stevie G

For those like me, who have no idea who Stevie G is.. Here's
the enlightening note.

Hey Amrutha,

Stevie G is the nick name for Steven Gerard. He's the captain of Liverpool Football Club.
The poem is about one game, it was the final of the most reputed tournament in club football.
well basically - Liverpool were playing agains AC Milan (The team I support) and AC Milan is huge in Europe!
So in the first of two halves, AC Milan was up 3-0.
Everyone thought the game was over.
But Steven Gerrard orchestrated an attack and helped Liverpool score 3 goals in just 6 minutes of the 2nd half.
He pumped his players and supporters like insane.
Liverpool went on to win the game; which has now gone down in football history as the most amazing game of football ever played.

This is a short clip out of a documentary which was made about that game.
It's fucking beautiful!!
Anyway, I was watching this video while I wrote the poem. :)


Seriously, this is one of those folklore things!!

Think how beautiful that game must have been for me to write a poem after my team lost!




M: "I think we both are against the system so much that we dont have an internal system anymore!"


New Music Muse

*Susheela Raman*

Spirited moods, elated lives, Joyous days and Peaceful Nights. So glad to have found her work! ( :


Music on my mind -- Ketto by BONOBO.


Thanks to archana's and priyanka's classes.. I cant get this out of my mind ( :


Allow me to repeat,.. someone very dear and her wise wise words --

Each one of us here today will,at one time in our lives... look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same question.
"We are willing to help, Lord... but what, if anything, is needed?"

It is true we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don't know what part of ourselves to give...or more often than not,the part we have to give... is not wanted.
And so it is those we live with and should know who elude us..

but we can still love them.
We can love completely...
without complete understanding.


Its amazing how..

You can know a person who has the aesthetics to appreciate Nina Simone's Music and yet the galls to spit on the streets..
Its amazing..


Citizen Josh

A monologue .. amazing amazing performance by the legendary(ahem!) Josh Kornbluth..
ladies and gentlemen I present to you.. Citizen Josh

An excerpt: A Jonathan Reinis Production, ‘Citizen Josh’is written and performed by Josh Kornbluth in collaboration with Arena’s Associate Artistic Director David Dower. In this production, Kornbluth examines and engages the fundamentals of democracy through his entertaining and moving autobiographical stories.

In 1980, Josh met every requirement to graduate from Princeton except one — he didn’t do his “senior thesis.” Now, over a quarter-century later, he tracks down his old advisor, a brilliant political theorist named Sheldon Wolin. Josh asks Wolin to help him complete his long-overdue thesis, on the subject of democracy. Josh’s explorations of political theory soon bring him into the “real” political world — as he finds himself at the center of a number of grassroots protests involving his local playground, state education funding, and even global warming. Including a pivotal encounter with former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, this tale blends recent electoral history with stories from the Civil Rights movement and academia.

Mr. Josh Kornbluth is the author and performer of the celebrated monologues Love & Taxes, Ben Franklin: Unplugged and Citizen Josh, among others. From 2006 to 2008 he hosted the weekly KQED-TV program “The Josh Kornbluth Show,” interviewing such figures as Annie Leibovitz, Alan Alda, Helen Mirren and Michael Tilson.

I still cant get over his shiny head and the unique slurp from the saucer. The show was at Ranga Shankara on the 19th of August(and the weekend close by-i think! if i remember right)On the occasion of treating a friend the tickets were brought for the play..with the presumption that "Citizen Josh" stood for "Citizen जोश" and mentally preparing myself to stand a couple of hours of hindi theatre simultaneously pleasing the friend that he got to watch a Hindi play.. but i was in for a pleasant surprise -- The play was Citizen Josh(:D) and an amazing single act of monologue by an infamous Princeton dropout Josh Kornbluth :D oh by the way, the play was worth every rupee and every minute of my time :))


Hedda Gabler

*First play I attended with an intermission.
*Very first play where I couldnt stop fidgeting
*Surprisingly I was more interested in the food than what happened in the audi..
*2 entire hours of glum :|
*but yes,Jørgen Tesman is somewhat delightful

Hedda Gabler- Originally a Norwegian play written by Henrik Ibsen,also famously made into a sensational Broadway, present day India gets to watch Hedda Gabler protogonised by the almost well known Sheeba Chada.
Intense,Dark and Deliberate..

Here's a famous quote from the play.
"Yes, courage... if only one had that... then maybe life would be tolerable, after all..." HEDDA GABLER.

and, the friend exclaims -
You've taken me to the best & the worst plays I have ever been to :P


Memories that make the Heart sing..

I was reading a friend's blog and it got me thinking how things from Childhood remain unfazed in the Heart. You may experience a thousand different things growing up..but none compare to the allure and transparency of Childhood. For most of us i think this holds true..
Here are some of my 7-8yr old days' highlights..

*Yanni's Music - I know he is no longer in the Music scene but few have surpassed his musical ability to make the heart soar to celestial places!

*Tinkle club - My neighborhood club of its own..Under the guidance of Editor-in-chief of Amar Chitra Katha Mr.Anant Pai (Uncle pai :D) god, we did most of what we do now in college fests back in the early 90s itself.. from Painting/art/craft Exhibitions to our very own mini libraries toCooking competitions to Badminton tournaments.. ( : suprising how ive regressed..boo :|

*Yardley talcum Powder - My favorite aunt used this all the time.. i think english roses or something .. the smell is still so fresh in my memory..

*Amar Chitra Katha Books - The Ramayana, Jataka Tales, The greedy mother in law :D,and the fortnightly tinkle subscriptions.. oh gosh..it makes me teary eyed..

*Chocolate halwa - My super duper hit for Cooking Competitions :D..psst,mail me if u want the recipe.. :D

*Unit tests - Scores ranging a x/y range of weirdness.. 3/10,7/10,..its a UT afterall :D

*Pop music - Yes, i was one kid who grew up on pop music.. hello we're talking about the year 1997-98..BSB all time fav :)) somehow i dont know many who like pop music :/

*Doordarshan- Surabhi every sunday night.. Small wonder,..somehow the hindi version was funnier :D

Well, that quote is sure a wise one.. The kingdom of heaven belongs to children?..

I want!!!!!!

Nikon D..sigh..!!

Only some things can get as good..


Songs on my mind right now..

*Humuhumunukunukuaoua'a -- (bonus track- HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL :D)
*You'll never find another love like mine - Lou Rawls
*Me and Mrs.Jones -Billy Paul
*I'll be there - Jackson 5 (its amusing how 10 yr old michael's voice is hard to miss..)
*Kiss and say Goodbye - The Manhattans.

The above songs may be just a handful,but God they are stuck in my head like a broken record..Wurrr!


Here is a friend cheering me up for my latest disappointment at my phrases being plagiarised.

"Wise men make proverbs.Fools repeat them."