Moonshine and Skytoffee

My dear Saramma,

How does my dear comrade spend this all too
 brief phase of existence when life is bubbling with
Youth and the Heart is fragrant with Love?
As for me, my life passes moment by moment 
in the love of Saramma. And you Saramma?
Begging of you to think it over well and bless me
with a sweet,kind reply.

                                                                              Saramma's own,
                                                                           Keshavan Nayar.

Original title 'Prema Lekhanam' (By Vaikom Muhammad Basheer) Published as a novelette in 1943

A very happy play performed by PERCH(Chennai) at Ranga Shankara. Congratulation to the director Rajiv Krishnan and the crew.
 I seldom come out of the theatre hall smiling to myself ( : 
Thank you so much for the lovely show! ( :



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I miss those days..