How I feel about you.

because I wasn't with you all these many years..
Because I didnt let you be you
Taking my own demons and old ghosts to crusades- Lost,
Mostly. Won none.
But now you're here..
So fleeting yet
So real
I've found you My
but to call you a 'something' again, would be such wrong
cos that would be me who wrote your passionate songs
there we go again with my stupid ol flub Of
making you into all me.

To: The peace that passes all understanding.


Meghana Naidu said...

I like. a lot.
although i think i know what you are talking about, knowing you and your always-on-a-sugar-high mind, one can never be sure :D

A.Bushan said...

also, did i tell u that everytime u call me a 'high on sugar creature'..i visualize myself as a kid reaching out for more sugar with bright eyes and big jumps?