Cults and their Onslaught

We know of all kinds of Cuults and deenominations AND other forms of Fanaticisms.. Religious fanatics,moralists,political cults and fanatics,and da da da da das and yayayayayas! but then there are also the rock and roll fanatics, religious rock music fans and death metal/ heavy metal/ soft metal/neo metal/contemporary metal and also gold metal-oh yes..these are the genres-and people who listen to music of such genres and understand them are so very..hm,.COOL(im sure theres a metal slang for the word 'cool', but lemme just stick to the language i can comprehend best.) So! these are people who are respected and looked up to when it comes to music in all its credibility. Aaand, this doesnt end there.. like all people belonging to cults that take their ideologies and preferences too far- it must be imposed on every Jane-Doe! These higher strata of music listeners shall presume it their birthright to spew every profanity there is, on others who dont think their sense of self need be derived from a music genre. I mean, will you take a minute to estimate what kind of person will want to derive their sense of self from something as distinct to them as 'music'.. musicians apart.. But tell me, hows it that a twenty- something , be so friggin identified with John Lennon whose era they did not even belong to! What kind of realism are you talking about! It amuses me, really- How can anybody be so vain to live in their head so conveniently their entire lives, and have the conviction to impose such similar off the wall theories and tastes on someone else? Or tag a person uncool just because they dont share your ideas about music and wish to take music lightly-as a form of entertainment(pop music fans buck up!)! I see this as a form of delicate violence -- Nourishing your sense of self from an ideology, holding on to it forever(since apparently it looks like you havent figured out who you are! what would u be without the doors' number that you use as a "aww, my favorite quotee" or using Morrison's views about himself as "your" own view about yourself!!(Check! Whose a wanna be here really? It don’t matter who the heck you’re trying to ape-you want to be someone you’re not-that’s that-even if that’s Mick Jagger,hell yeah! You are a frigging wannabe!).. actually there is a word for all this. its called 'bi-polar disorder'.. Its where your foundation and knowledge of who you are is so weak, and rootless that you derive it from an external source that is,well,sadly, as fickle as your friggin 'about me' definitions. And honey, did you ever notice any blonde or boy band reacting to your "Such sad losers!" comment...eess, its probably beeecause they knew they'd have the last laugh! har har. Oh, sure! Varun Gandhi is a rock fan! lets have him for PM!


Sexy Plexi!

The first verse of the song just wont stop playing in my head! and for good reasons i believe :D
Oh how I love Jack and his lyrics! JACK I have a crush on you :D I do i do i do!

Sexy sexy made up of plexi disasters
Pushing and pulling conservative rolling
Unlike plastic, easier to see through
Just like glass with no ring
Softer and sadder you sing
Sexy sexy do your thing
Learn to be shy and then you can sting
Plexi, plexi bend don't shatter
Once you're broken shape won't matter

You're breaking your mind
By killing the time that kills you
But you can't blame the time
Cause its only in your mind

Quickly quickly grow and then you'll know
It is such an awkward show to see
And everyone you wanted to know
And everyone you wanted to meet
Have all gone away
Well they've all gone away

And now you're
Breaking your mind
By killing the time that kills you
But you cant blame the time
Cause its only in your mind

You're breaking your mind..