Oscars and Observations

If you missed the Oscar night - You Missed a Lot. You missed one of the scrumptious visual treats of the year. No, I'm not talking about the entire clan of Slumdog Millionaire being on stage to receive the 'best picture' academy award. We refer to the Duke of Music - AR Rahman and his choreographed musical performance with this amazing troupe of dancers which comprised of people- a variety of them. Black,white,indian,asian.. women with those jasmine bud flowers encircling their hair buns. "jai ho" and "saaya" -- god,what are they? I cant figure which genre they belong to. They have the soul of jazz and the zesty,jump-off-your-chair spirit of pop and the authenticity of world music. I see, watch, hear,gape-with goose bumps sprouting like nobody's business. and then, there's John Legend who to tries to perform his bit of OST too..which went unnoticed..har! har! -- perhaps why Hugh jackman verbally spelt the "special thanks to john legend" and conveniently forgot to thank Rahman or was he too paranoid to pronounce his name wrongly? Rakkman?! :D
Dont get me wrong, im a fan of Legend myself.
But the herculean energy with which the performers synched their bollywood moves with Rahman's stirring vocals and the women back up vocalists was just.. Overwhelming. Overwhelming to an expanse that.. I wanted to return to poetry. It was as if someone kissed your soul and set her free to rejoice in the festive shades of ecstasy,worship,reverence,hope and bliss.


karthik said...

the poem was nice!
do u ever get the feeling rakkkman tries to end his speech n runaway even b4 he begins? :)

A.Bushan said...

Thats probably because he sings more than he could ever talk.
( :

Anonymous said...

Nice poetry at the end

A.Bushan said...

Thank you ( :
I dont like to look at it as poetry though. its just something inspired by Rahman's performance.
Thanks for stopping by anon ( :

GP said...

Is it only me or does anyone likes the pussycat dolls version of "jai ho" more than the original one? ;)