Building Accountability within the UNO

"Every day we are reminded of the need for a strengthened United Nations, as we face a growing array of new challenges, including humanitarian crises, human rights violations, armed conflicts and important health and environmental concerns. Seldom has the United Nations been called upon to do so much for so many. I am determined to breathe new life and inject renewed confidence into a strengthened United Nations firmly anchored in the twenty-first century, and which is effective, efficient, coherent and accountable."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

As the secretary general himself is well aware of the enormity and importance of strengthening the UN on the foundation of sincere accountability, the member nations and the functioning councils of the UN ought to second him. Possessing the integrity and credibility in being able to be answerable to each and every member of the civil society must become the mantra of every local government. It is at home, that we learn values of responsibility, authenticity and honesty. The qualities that do not come from the roots will seldom be reliable or steadfast. It is only when people are governed under an authority that makes every effort to remain consistent with its transparency, people can dream of a creditable and worthy government. And only nations with such governments, can be held accountable for and trusted by the international society.

For achieving a peaceful, secure and sustainable world, the accountability between the competitive member states is essential, for it cannot be achieved overnight and is a multi-year mission. For this to be implemented, the confidentiality between certain potent states and their sources, pertaining to their activities, which are of great impact to the rest of the world, must be made transparent and accessible to the other nations.

Inter-state ties should be acutely affected by cordiality and cooperation in a manner which, the habitual blame game eventually ceases between the member nations.

This has the potentiality of promises for better future ties between the member nations too. The accountability must stem its growth from ground level so as to sustain a strong escalation. The initiation must start with the individuals being accountable to their fellow beings; individuals to their local authority; one local authority to the other, these local authorities uniting and being liable to their centre, and this in due course leading to the member nations being liable to each other.

This establishes an infallible authenticity of each and every member nation of the UNO. It is also important that the UNO provides for full cooperation to its member nations in achieving legitimacy at an international echelon.

The mode of approach instigated by a member state along with its regional organizations should be a multi-tasking one, which enables the challenges at different levels to succeed proficiently and the interest of different sectors to be met suitably.

The model of establishing and building accountability does not end at the doors of the member nations. It should transcend to the functioning councils and organs of the United Nations. An Organization in which all the members are held accountable for upholding their responsibilities will be a noticeably strong one. The working organs and councils of the United Nations must implement greater transparency and ingenuousness in decision-making by involving the civil society in the work of the Organization as cohorts and regulators.

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