two yawns and more..

The room is solemn.delegates with their serious tone of voices and crisp clothing.
They are here. To discuss important matters. concerning you,me and people thriving across the seven continents.
ah! so perfect the scene! such bright and intellectual faces. so fine!
the members of the chair are kids with greater experience than any one of us sitting in the council room, so they get to sit on the dais and ask you to 'shut up' if you talk things irrelevant and make your speech Verbose. Ow! one hard punch in the belly and out comes the air too. and such tiny fists! the previous night was a sleepless one.. can I talk about 'trivial' things? non-political matters? things that matter to the neighbor I know, things that matter to my house maid, to the young girl who is desperate every evening to sell her basket of flowers, the mason cementing the fresh bricks, to the hospital peon who gets grandpa his dietitian prescribed meals everyday? Why must we talk of history and remember only the ravages, talk about political belligerent figures as if they were saviors because they controlled big portions of land and had their hands laden with gold? What happened to the woman who conquered your heart and made you weep for a week? the man who wrote poems that made your hair stand, and blurred your eyes? the guy whose moves were copied by old men to budding teenagers alike?
What does a common man understand? What does he identify with.. you really think its the 14th president or the 1st prime minister of a country whose name requires one to twirl their tongues is who he cares about? really? Haha.
OH by the way, this 'World Organisation' was built from 'ideals' of One World and other dreamy theories..

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