Huaxia and her conquests..

The narrow cross and broad seas, the forts of history and the scars we see
What we fail to know is what truly we believe,
The little lotus bud and the pond so deep
With leaves so green but the fragrance lost she weeps within,
The drop of water that lay afloat, the hope they carry yet not to violence they resort…

When the world began a lot was there to receive(1), man lived in harmony with what was given. He cherished what was “ours”. Man learned to live with man but then, he found the key to Pandoras Box . The words that rhymed with anger and greed drew lines between the masses. The uncertainty that came along with the life of faith ceased to fancy him.

The cruel rules that we humans follow, shows its colour in the silent valley of a Land named Tibet.

History(2) has it that the wheels of peace ran parallel to the tracks of the Manchu Civilization and the Tibetan Lamas. Acting as spiritual leaders and in turn holding faith in a promise once given for safety against all might they lived in unison.
Only to be followed by a plague. A plague of social unrest, a plague that shattered not only the tranquility of the valley but also uprooted the basic social and cultural integrity of two nations. Where kings and queens ruled lands so vast the arms of faith knew less of what was.

Communism was a disease that questioned the superiority of the Spiritual head and led to the ongoing hostility between the valley and the vast lands. The promises of Theocracy no longer satiated the games and lust for power. The people who were the gate keepers of faith and vowed to protect, the roof of the world, craved for their absolute recognition. The eternal battle within for identity and ego gratification led the millions of Chinese eventually to form strong rooted ideologies that counter acted what was followed age immemorial.

The meaning of life was undermined and the language of blood became normalcy. Then the world took turns to rule each other; in paper and on tables the leaders would meet.

The mother land(3) beckoned her reluctant child(4) to her ‘warm’ mantle..as countries became mere cards in the hands of the mighty only to be played, tossed and dealt with power permutations. The ‘seventeen fold path’(5) proposed by the Mother Land was based on sheer favourism and the deafening cries of the Child was treated with apathy.
The internal clash and battles within the anatomy of Tibet, proved to be catastrophic for its well being and resulted in the discord of Tibet’s Spirit, leaving Tibet befuddled than ever before. The Tibetans were given a piece of reality that proved to threaten their long standing faith in ‘ahimsa’, compelling the face of Tibet(6) to flee for refuge. Meanwhile the elements of man’s desire and nature’s course took a violent turn. Man’s voracity for material requisites and the inevitable quest for economic and political power led to undermining of the true values of human life. This was the apparent aftermath of the uninvited interference of a Super power(7) which completely ignored the possible solutions that could have worked out on humanitarian grounds. The Onward struggle for supremacy was taken to the fore and the formulations for such further expansion of China was masterminded by the elected Yuans.

The ‘World Police’(8) continue to make their abortive efforts in preventing China taking over the eastern world. The Chinese however strategically pacify the agitated sect of the world community over the Tibet and Taiwan Policies with their ever ambassadorial pacts(9), which are ensured to benefit the Mainland of China subsequently.

The wheel of Karma, the predictable course of life, the philosophy of ashes to ashes and dust to dust, the medium for transversal to the outer being and the reason for the acknowledgement of an outcast, these spells are those that cast a dark shadow on the survival of the human race. The question of man’s superiority over mother nature and the survival of the bridge of life over troubled waters, are those which are simply man made. Are these the reasons for us to wake up to a better tomorrow? Are these the ideals to be preached to our young? Are these the reasons for a truly better future or will this lead to the extinction of what remains? How long will it take for men to realize that the silent valley that once was, could serve as an ideal example of what could or could not have been done? These are not words penned by a great poet nor mouthed by a holy saint, if it took only a little reading then why still do we turn a blind eye!!


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(2)A History of Chinese civilization --By Jacques Gernet,JR Foster and Charles Hartman.
(3)People’s Republic of China
(5)The 17 Point Agreement
(6)The Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)
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nanda said...

written powerfully like a poem.
it conforms well with the tibetan stance of indignation.
though the chinese claim that the TAR(tibet autonomous region) is much better off(economically and socially) now than it was under the dalai lama has to be looked into.

A.Bushan said...

Thankqie :D