I do not think I will ever attain the maturity required to appreciate good music.
By good music, I mean people who make music for the sake of music. I mean,yeah I do listen to them once in a while, when im in an intense,somber mood. But I have always looked at Music and Movies as things thqt are supposed to be not-so-in-tune with reality..that is probably why Chick flicks make me happier than dark chocolates or why Pop music(yes,Madonna,The Backstreet Boys,JLo,hip-hop beats) sounds sweeter to my ears than "real music" ..the likes of pink floyd,the beatles,metallica,the doors..and blah blah. No, I do not understand their music or their work and I shall not pretend to like them. I am musically retarded and I like it very much.

Hell! I can't even understand what aditi talks about.


Chad said...

its cos of ppl like ya that buble gum pop sells! Congratulations!!

Solipsista said...

But Ofcourse!
Thanks for making a note Chad. LOL.

Anonymous said...

coz of assholes like you, metallica got converted into a pussy pop band.

long live heavy metal \,,/

Solipsista said...

see you prove the point. We people slowly over power the lots like you. and thats exactly why metallica got converted to a pop band. So, technically speaking POP and the other non-heavy metal music will live on forever and longer than you think it will.

mindserased said...

Actually, I think Metallica wussed out because their label wanted to make them more commercially viable and thus hooked them up with producer Bob Rock, who makes everything he touches into an instant love-to-hate-it ear assault megahit. As with anything in big business it's all about the money. Whenever art and commerce collide, you know it ain't gonna be the commerce that suffers.

Solipsista said...

Thanks Mindserased, I apparently happen to have taken up Commerce as a major back in school.

Anonymous said...

Yes, heavy metal will die soon. Cos it is a genre. Pop is not a genre. Eventually pop alone will survive so is money. I'm not tellin you're wrong. Atleast you're honest. Love U.

- the same anonymous

Anonymous said...

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- the same anonymous

Solipsista said...

Woot! this is the same anon who calls me an asshole and then says he likes my honesty?!? niiice. I like-i, it-i. bwhahaha!

and oh, i knows that my blog lookie like a lil twirp when viewed from safari and firefox, but I want people to take note of meee blogg!! heee :D

Solipsista said...

People, people! One important thing..
Pop music "sells" because you dont have to be acquainted with it from the very beginning.. its an open genre.. like a fling.. you enjoy the music as long as it plays and you forget about it. You dont go lock yourself up in your room to contemplate about the lyrics or its aesthetic meaning.
Now, thats real entertainment, because, c'mon now, we have enough dry reality going on in our mundane lives.
Therefore, I personally believe its unfair to call pop music sham.

rUsSiAn HaCkEr said...

Pop = Porn

enuf said..