I do not think I will ever attain the maturity required to appreciate good music.
By good music, I mean people who make music for the sake of music. I mean,yeah I do listen to them once in a while, when im in an intense,somber mood. But I have always looked at Music and Movies as things thqt are supposed to be not-so-in-tune with reality..that is probably why Chick flicks make me happier than dark chocolates or why Pop music(yes,Madonna,The Backstreet Boys,JLo,hip-hop beats) sounds sweeter to my ears than "real music" ..the likes of pink floyd,the beatles,metallica,the doors..and blah blah. No, I do not understand their music or their work and I shall not pretend to like them. I am musically retarded and I like it very much.

Hell! I can't even understand what aditi talks about.