An evening at the Park

I,AK,Poorvi and Y decide to go to a park.Not the close one by.The one that will need us to take a two wheeler.
At the park I get involved and play with Y.
Y is rambling about the day and jumping from what she bought with gramma last shopping to why she dont like the park near by home and screeching,tells me, to give a harder push to the swing that she sits on.
I notice a certain wild-ride-merry-go-round mounted by a frail 3(?) year old.
The woman(the caretaker/maid) with her,manually pushes the Merry-go-round.It quickly picks pace*.The speed appears frightening.I am fuddled.I am thinking "God,cant she see its too fast for the kid?" "Isnt the kid afraid?" "She looks so light and fragile,what if.."
I think its best to be around that kid,just in case.
I tell Y to hang on for a bit.
I get closer.I hear the kid whimpering.."Enough!" "Thats enough!" "I can't take it anymore!" The woman continues to push.Like rotating a heavy wheel.All force.
The speed is so monstrous that I am not sure if I can stop the thing single handedly.
Suprisingly,I manage to stop it.
I get the kid down.Her eyes are welled up with tears.
I ask the maid in Kannada(the local language in Bangalore,India),what the hell was she thinking letting the kid sit on a thing like that and pushing it with all her might even when the kid insisted that she had had 'enough' of her ride?
The woman protests saying that the kid 'herself' insisted on being pushed so wildly.
I look at the kid. I ask her if she likes that.
She looks at me as if trying to understand what am I talking to her about.
When she does get my question,she promptly says,"No,I don't like that."
I am seething in such hellish fury that it both astonishes and scares me.
I tell the maid to take to me to the little girl's place and that I want to talk to the kid's parents.
The maid says,"why?"
"I can't give you such details."
"Its none of your goddam business."
"Its not like you are going to be around here everyday and do this sort of a thing."(I still can't figure what the heck she meant by this)
She also says,"Its personal."
I tell her that she needn't worry if its personal or fuckin' public,and to just take me to the kid's place.The maid protests..saying that she did..what the kid asked for...blah blah blah...ya da ya da...
I resist.
She assertively takes hold of the kid and starts to leave.
I wait,stand back,and look at the two.
The kid begins to chatter.I notice they share a rapport.
I go after them again.
I tell the caretaker that must take care of the kid more cautiously.
Was I paranoid?
Did I overreact?
My nerves aren't placed right?

I ask the maid her name.I ask the kid her name and about her school.
The Kid speaks quite clearly for a 3 year old and seems sharp.And this makes me question her again.
I ask her-"What do you do?"
She says-"uhmmm..I come here everyday..."
I quickly add-"No,no,I meant do you go to school as yet."
"Yes." She smiles. Her smile assures me that she is going to be fine.
I request the maid to be more careful.She grins uneasily.
Whew! I walk back to Poorvi and Y.

*The kid I talk about was the only one on the merry-go-round.Perhaps this the cause for my concern.I still cannot figure.Or maybe the girl's tears? I am not sure.

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Ya did whachya thought was right..that's excellent.