"How're ya?"
"hows it going?"

"You have to leave.Leave"
"Ok Sir,Ok."

"Why not?"
"Heart's too big."

"You need help?"
"Who Doesnt?"
"Is that your heart?"
"Its small now."
"It was bigger before."
"Yeah,thats my problem."
"Do you wanna get a cup of coffee?"

"This is you?"
"Thank You, 'had a good time tonight."
"Thank you!"
"See you again."


A 28-year Old Lie. (By Charles Eisenstein)

April 27, 2007

The New York Times reports today that M.I.T. admissions dean Marilee Jones has resigned after admitting she fabricated her educational résumé. Apparently, she did not even have an undergraduate degree. M.I.T. is, according to Chancellor Philip Clay, "taking a big lesson from this experience," in which it made little effort to check her credentials. Hmm. There is a big lesson here all right, but I think it is almost the opposite of what Dr. Clay thinks it is.

Reading the article, what stands out is that Ms. Jones was obviously doing an outstanding job. The recipient of M.I.T.'s highest honor for administrators, "The M.I.T. Excellence Award for Leading Change," she was a major force in the movement to reduce the pressure on high school students. She was very accessible, well-known and well-liked by the students; as the NYT put it, "widely admired, almost revered, for her humor, outspokenness and common sense."

Yet, if she had been honest about her educational background (or lack thereof), there is no way she would ever have risen to the position of Dean. Why? After all, her own accomplishments prove that a degree is not necessary to do a great job. The reason that no university would make a degree-less person Dean is that to do so would undermine one of the key ideological pillars of the university system. It goes something like this: "University education prepares people to be effective in their vocations. A university diploma demonstrates that someone is capable of handling positions of responsibility." It is because of these widely held beliefs that a college education is considered a "good investment" in the future.

I have little problem with Ms. Jones' supposed lack of integrity. I think the lack of integrity is in the system she engaged. Her own story demonstrates its unsoundness. She did what she had to do to thrive in a system that is fundamentally unfair. I see no lack of integrity; in fact I commend her for her courage. She has had a positive impact on thousands of young people, and she could not have done that if she'd been honest about her background.

Now I suppose someone is going to say, "She should have completed her degree; then she could have accomplished all she did with integrity." I disagree. I see little integrity in wasting years on an unnecessary education that you pursue merely to acquire a qualification that the powers-that-be demand. The kind of person who does that is not the kind of person predisposed to "humor, outspokenness, and common sense." Outspokenness is usually a liability in the degree game, which also tends to deaden humor and replace common sense with institutional values. That's the real reason why a degree "qualifies" you for a position of authority. A degree certifies that you will play along with the game.

Ms. Jones is being fired because she did not play along with the academic game; in fact she flouted one of its most basic rules. She is living proof of the vacuity of some of its basic assumptions.

In her public statements upon resignation, Ms. Jones made every effort to appear contrite. No doubt she is feeling a painful humiliation. But I wonder if, deep down, there is still a spark of protest within her that believes she did nothing wrong. If you ever read this, Marilee Jones, I hope it awakens within you the knowledge that you possess a kind of integrity that is deeper than merely following the rules. You said, unconsciously perhaps, "No, I will not participate in that silly charade." There is no dishonor in gaming a corrupt system in order to achieve the beautiful results you achieved. Don't capitulate. Instead, let this experience radicalize you, so that you can teach others to create their own lives too, and not live out the programmed lives to which our schooling conditions us.


For Love's sake

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Printed Text, stapled sheets, Pinned hair, Warm Mufflers, Large suitcases, Rich dinner, recycled papers, ball pointed pens, colored walls, heated arguments, exhausted pages for continual garbage.


The Republic of South Africa's measures against terrorism,with emphasis on public safety in Urban areas.

Terrorism is a prevalent world trend and it is continuing to spread its wild entrapments in every corner of the globe possible. It is ludicrous- the common man knowing the truth about the hideous acts of terrorism and the state, expecting him to carry on his everyday life without much angst. The Republic of South Africa makes every attempt to understand its people and provide them with every safety measure,that ensures a cordial and healthy environment. In this regard, The Republic of South Africa has shown keen and sincere interest by being active in the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) during 2004-2005, which sought to promote the development of sustainable cities in Africa. The Republic of South Africa is known to house the greatest number of urban communities in the African Continent. It is therefore extremely important that we focus on our urban communities-their safety, development of infrastructure and communications; that are essential for us to continue our survival efficiently, as a thriving nation. The Government of South Africa, between January 31st - 4th of February 2005, hosted AMCHUD (The African Ministerial Conference on housing and urban development) which was jointly convened by UN-HABITAT and The African Union, in Durban. South Africa’s devoted interest in urban development and housing in Africa, fetched her the chairmanship. The initiatives that were brought to light via the above mentioned conference were provided with unrelenting support from The South African Government, UN-HABITAT and The African Union. Since Urban Communities across the world are the most affected during an occasion of bombing and the terrorists consider urban sites as the ripest for terrorist attacks, The republic of South Africa seeks to develop her infrastructure and the ambience of her civil society that guarantees her people not only realistic and uncomplicated infrastructure but also that which provides for public scrutiny and security at all times. Some of the ongoing ventures include the measures taken by the National Department of transport. The National Department of Transport has developed the Road to safety strategy, which seeks to promote and ensure safety on the roads; the NDoT has also developed programmes such as the ‘Arrive Alive programme’, ‘the Shova-Kalula programme’,’The Access Roads Development programme’, and ‘the National pedestrian business plan for hazardous locations’. In 1998,the NDoT launched ‘Moving South Africa :Towards a Transport strategy for 2020’- the purpose of this project being, the growth of a strategy for ensuring that the transportation system of South Africa meets the needs of the country in the 21st century, and that it would add to the nation’s growth and economic evolution.

Prevention is still the top logic of counter terrorism, and in this regard, the Republic of South Africa seeks to enact new anti-terrorism legislation, take stringent measures against assets used for criminal purposes, strengthen territorial control and request international cooperation.

An important stance The Republic of South Africa has taken is to encourage people across the globe to respect human rights, as the fundamental basis, for the fight against terrorism. We believe in the ideals of harmony and universal brotherhood. This is evident in South Africa playing a key role as a mediator, in the African conflicts over the last decade, such as in Burundi, The democratic republic of Congo, The Comoros, and Zimbabwe. In the recent years, The South African National defence force has become a major peace keeping force in Africa, and has been involved in Operations in Lesotho, The democratic republic of Congo and Burundi, amongst others. It has also actively participated as a part of multi-national UN peace-keeping forces. Our dedication to a peace filled world,with universal messages of impartiality and diversity has been ancient. South Africa is proud to be one of the founding members of the United Nations, and having, its then Prime minister Jan Smuts, contribute to the preamble of its Constitution


Building Accountability within the UNO

"Every day we are reminded of the need for a strengthened United Nations, as we face a growing array of new challenges, including humanitarian crises, human rights violations, armed conflicts and important health and environmental concerns. Seldom has the United Nations been called upon to do so much for so many. I am determined to breathe new life and inject renewed confidence into a strengthened United Nations firmly anchored in the twenty-first century, and which is effective, efficient, coherent and accountable."

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

As the secretary general himself is well aware of the enormity and importance of strengthening the UN on the foundation of sincere accountability, the member nations and the functioning councils of the UN ought to second him. Possessing the integrity and credibility in being able to be answerable to each and every member of the civil society must become the mantra of every local government. It is at home, that we learn values of responsibility, authenticity and honesty. The qualities that do not come from the roots will seldom be reliable or steadfast. It is only when people are governed under an authority that makes every effort to remain consistent with its transparency, people can dream of a creditable and worthy government. And only nations with such governments, can be held accountable for and trusted by the international society.

For achieving a peaceful, secure and sustainable world, the accountability between the competitive member states is essential, for it cannot be achieved overnight and is a multi-year mission. For this to be implemented, the confidentiality between certain potent states and their sources, pertaining to their activities, which are of great impact to the rest of the world, must be made transparent and accessible to the other nations.

Inter-state ties should be acutely affected by cordiality and cooperation in a manner which, the habitual blame game eventually ceases between the member nations.

This has the potentiality of promises for better future ties between the member nations too. The accountability must stem its growth from ground level so as to sustain a strong escalation. The initiation must start with the individuals being accountable to their fellow beings; individuals to their local authority; one local authority to the other, these local authorities uniting and being liable to their centre, and this in due course leading to the member nations being liable to each other.

This establishes an infallible authenticity of each and every member nation of the UNO. It is also important that the UNO provides for full cooperation to its member nations in achieving legitimacy at an international echelon.

The mode of approach instigated by a member state along with its regional organizations should be a multi-tasking one, which enables the challenges at different levels to succeed proficiently and the interest of different sectors to be met suitably.

The model of establishing and building accountability does not end at the doors of the member nations. It should transcend to the functioning councils and organs of the United Nations. An Organization in which all the members are held accountable for upholding their responsibilities will be a noticeably strong one. The working organs and councils of the United Nations must implement greater transparency and ingenuousness in decision-making by involving the civil society in the work of the Organization as cohorts and regulators.


two yawns and more..

The room is solemn.delegates with their serious tone of voices and crisp clothing.
They are here. To discuss important matters. concerning you,me and people thriving across the seven continents.
ah! so perfect the scene! such bright and intellectual faces. so fine!
the members of the chair are kids with greater experience than any one of us sitting in the council room, so they get to sit on the dais and ask you to 'shut up' if you talk things irrelevant and make your speech Verbose. Ow! one hard punch in the belly and out comes the air too. and such tiny fists! the previous night was a sleepless one.. can I talk about 'trivial' things? non-political matters? things that matter to the neighbor I know, things that matter to my house maid, to the young girl who is desperate every evening to sell her basket of flowers, the mason cementing the fresh bricks, to the hospital peon who gets grandpa his dietitian prescribed meals everyday? Why must we talk of history and remember only the ravages, talk about political belligerent figures as if they were saviors because they controlled big portions of land and had their hands laden with gold? What happened to the woman who conquered your heart and made you weep for a week? the man who wrote poems that made your hair stand, and blurred your eyes? the guy whose moves were copied by old men to budding teenagers alike?
What does a common man understand? What does he identify with.. you really think its the 14th president or the 1st prime minister of a country whose name requires one to twirl their tongues is who he cares about? really? Haha.
OH by the way, this 'World Organisation' was built from 'ideals' of One World and other dreamy theories..


I smelled the white roses today;they smelt like sweet peaches..


Happy Birthday Adit! :o)

Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday to you..
Happy Birthday..Happy Birthday..
(oh,you're getting Ooold!) :P


Huaxia and her conquests..

The narrow cross and broad seas, the forts of history and the scars we see
What we fail to know is what truly we believe,
The little lotus bud and the pond so deep
With leaves so green but the fragrance lost she weeps within,
The drop of water that lay afloat, the hope they carry yet not to violence they resort…

When the world began a lot was there to receive(1), man lived in harmony with what was given. He cherished what was “ours”. Man learned to live with man but then, he found the key to Pandoras Box . The words that rhymed with anger and greed drew lines between the masses. The uncertainty that came along with the life of faith ceased to fancy him.

The cruel rules that we humans follow, shows its colour in the silent valley of a Land named Tibet.

History(2) has it that the wheels of peace ran parallel to the tracks of the Manchu Civilization and the Tibetan Lamas. Acting as spiritual leaders and in turn holding faith in a promise once given for safety against all might they lived in unison.
Only to be followed by a plague. A plague of social unrest, a plague that shattered not only the tranquility of the valley but also uprooted the basic social and cultural integrity of two nations. Where kings and queens ruled lands so vast the arms of faith knew less of what was.

Communism was a disease that questioned the superiority of the Spiritual head and led to the ongoing hostility between the valley and the vast lands. The promises of Theocracy no longer satiated the games and lust for power. The people who were the gate keepers of faith and vowed to protect, the roof of the world, craved for their absolute recognition. The eternal battle within for identity and ego gratification led the millions of Chinese eventually to form strong rooted ideologies that counter acted what was followed age immemorial.

The meaning of life was undermined and the language of blood became normalcy. Then the world took turns to rule each other; in paper and on tables the leaders would meet.

The mother land(3) beckoned her reluctant child(4) to her ‘warm’ mantle..as countries became mere cards in the hands of the mighty only to be played, tossed and dealt with power permutations. The ‘seventeen fold path’(5) proposed by the Mother Land was based on sheer favourism and the deafening cries of the Child was treated with apathy.
The internal clash and battles within the anatomy of Tibet, proved to be catastrophic for its well being and resulted in the discord of Tibet’s Spirit, leaving Tibet befuddled than ever before. The Tibetans were given a piece of reality that proved to threaten their long standing faith in ‘ahimsa’, compelling the face of Tibet(6) to flee for refuge. Meanwhile the elements of man’s desire and nature’s course took a violent turn. Man’s voracity for material requisites and the inevitable quest for economic and political power led to undermining of the true values of human life. This was the apparent aftermath of the uninvited interference of a Super power(7) which completely ignored the possible solutions that could have worked out on humanitarian grounds. The Onward struggle for supremacy was taken to the fore and the formulations for such further expansion of China was masterminded by the elected Yuans.

The ‘World Police’(8) continue to make their abortive efforts in preventing China taking over the eastern world. The Chinese however strategically pacify the agitated sect of the world community over the Tibet and Taiwan Policies with their ever ambassadorial pacts(9), which are ensured to benefit the Mainland of China subsequently.

The wheel of Karma, the predictable course of life, the philosophy of ashes to ashes and dust to dust, the medium for transversal to the outer being and the reason for the acknowledgement of an outcast, these spells are those that cast a dark shadow on the survival of the human race. The question of man’s superiority over mother nature and the survival of the bridge of life over troubled waters, are those which are simply man made. Are these the reasons for us to wake up to a better tomorrow? Are these the ideals to be preached to our young? Are these the reasons for a truly better future or will this lead to the extinction of what remains? How long will it take for men to realize that the silent valley that once was, could serve as an ideal example of what could or could not have been done? These are not words penned by a great poet nor mouthed by a holy saint, if it took only a little reading then why still do we turn a blind eye!!


(1)The Bible- Genesis 1:1
(2)A History of Chinese civilization --By Jacques Gernet,JR Foster and Charles Hartman.
(3)People’s Republic of China
(5)The 17 Point Agreement
(6)The Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso)
(7)The United States of America (President Richard Nixon)
(8) The United Nations Organization
(9)The PRC policy, The CPPCC and others.



i see them,green,blue and white..
soothing wind in my hair..caressing my ears..
it took me so many years
to stay close and near to thee
come here.. i already am yours..
you are the sun.. lord, i am only your shine..
i understand i am no entity.. i belong.. i am a part of you..
and then i begin to 'think' of ways to prove you really are there..here ..there..somewhere..
and ways to learn to trust..
In vain.



Naps in my pocket, nibbling, crawling..all over, I am his tree,habitat,.. my limbs are the tree branches he would find in the greens. So little, So flawless, So Aditi, Such short period of time.. yet such everlasting happiness and joy.

Rest In Peace.



The public on the street comprises of those who 'experience' street sexual harassment, i.e. the survivors; those who cause street sexual harassment i.e the perpetrators and those who witness street sexual harassment i.e the spectators.

Our very own stat counter on the right hand bar of the page says that 22% of the Blank Noise blog visitors are spectators. Now its your turn to speak!

Most cases of street sexual violence go unnoticed because they are intangible , can be doubted as 'accidental brush/ touch' ( strictly in the Indian context). More often than not the survivor feels embarrassment and shame for being sexually violated and does not wish to draw further attention. Some survivors of street sexual violence don't seek public support because of the fear that 'the public' may not always show support, act indifferent, or be one more face in the crowd watching the scene.

Blank Noise Spectators Special asks members of the public, both men and women to share what they witnessed. What was your first reaction? Was it to intervene? Was it to ignore? What did you do? What would you rather have done? Can you share your thoughts about being a spectator. If you have been a 'special spectator' , that is, intervened in the situation, please tell us how! Was it with wit and humor? Or did physically assault the 'perpetrator'? Did you walk away? Or call the cops? Or gather a crowd? Or see another spectator take charge of the situation and participate in any way.

To participate in this online event please register by emailing us at blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com subject titled Blank Noise Spectators Special. Link this post to your blog, and send in your blog address. We will add you to the list below. Deadline for your post on being a spectator is August 15th.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A BLOG: no problem. what matters is your point of view. Register with us via email anyways. We will publish your ideas on the Blank Noise blog on Aug 15.

This event hopes to be one in the series of events planned in bringing together 'survivors'(http://blanknoiseactionheroes.blogspot.com), 'perpetrators' (male only event coming soon) and 'spectators'.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Blank Noise Team



I don't want to be your fan
I don't want to be popular
I don't want to be a Sinner
I don't want to be a Saint
I don't want to be Sick
I don't want to wake up
I don't want to sleep
I don't want to be Chained
I don't want to be free
I don't want you.
I don't want him.
I don't want her.
I don't want to know you
I don't want to love you
I don't want to listen to you
I don't want to talk to you
I don't want to do you favors
I don't want to learn
I don't want to think about them
I don't want to care
I don't want to pretend to feel
I don't want to pretend to think
I don't want to own you
I don't want to be loved
I don't want the past
I don't need the future
I don't want the truth
I don't want lies
I don't see Red
No,I don't see Green.
I don't want to write
I don't want to Dance
I don't want to get out
I don't want to stay home
I don't want Chocolates
I don't need flowers
I don't need an Education
I don't want the money
I don't want chains
I don't want Shackles
I don't need Slippers
I don't need a place
I don't need a face.
I don't.
I don't want to be You.

From an Old Diary.


Roy Lichtenstein 2

So I sit with bated breath to get to see the guy who would portray Roy in the movie which had the likes of Warhol in bits and parts of the movie. Our movie here is Basquiat. Aired on star Movies, sunday night movie. Yay! except that I do not get to see our most wanted hero Roy-yy--yyyy !!!

Here's an interesting observation on Sean Connery, Chad claims he looks like the people straight out from pop art (Roy's)
He used to. Dr.No, yes!
Right now? I don't think so.

Since we've mentioned Basquiat and how he got us back in touch with Roy..
Here's his piece of work. Thank you everyone!


What a Wonderful World!

"...The colors of a rainbow...so pretty ..in the sky
Are also on the faces...of people ..going by
I see friends shaking hands...sayin.. 'how do you do?'
They're really sayin...I love you."

: )


I think you are pretty

Of Pearly White teeth,
Of Perfect manicured(?) Pedicured(?) nails
Of Colored, straightened hair
Of painted skin and painted lips,
And Absolute Insanity.



Whenever I say your name- Sting Feat. Mary J.Blige

This is one of the loveliest songs I've ever heard.
I had dedicated these lyrics to a lovelier person when I first heard the song.
The tune is all the more mesmerizing,and nostalgic for obvious reasons.


Whenever I say your name, whenever I call to mind your face
Whatever bread's in my mouth, whatever the sweetest wine that I taste
Whenever your memory feeds my soul, whatever got broken becomes whole
Whenever I'm filled with doubts that we will be together

Wherever I lay me down, wherever I put my head to sleep
Whenever I hurt and cry, whenever I got to lie awake and weep
Whenever I kneel to pray, whenever I need to find a way
I'm calling out your name

Whenever those dark clouds hide the moon
Whenever this world has gotten so strange
I know that something's gonna change
Something's gonna change

Whenever I say your name, Whenever I say your name, I'm already praying, I'm already praying
I'm already filled with a joy that I can't explain
Wherever I lay me down, wherever I rest my weary head to sleep
Whenever I hurt and cry, whenever I got to lie awake and weep
Whenever I'm on the floor
Whatever it was that I believed before
Whenever I say your name, whenever I say it loud, I'm already praying

Whenever this world has got me down, whenever I shed a tear
Whenever the TV makes me mad, whenever I'm paralyzed with fear
Whenever those dark clouds fill the sky, whenever I lose the reason why
Whenever I'm filled with doubts that we will be together

Whenever the sun refuse to shine, whenever the skies are pouring rain
Whatever I lost I thought was mine whenever I close my eyes in pain
Whenever I kneel to pray, whenever I need to find a way
I'm calling out your name

Whenever this dark begins to fall
Whenever I'm vulnerable and small
Whenever I feel like I could die
Whenever I'm holding back the tears that I cry

Whenever I say your name, whenever I call to mind your face
I'm already praying
Whatever bread's in my mouth, whatever the sweetest wine that I taste
Wherever I lay me down, wherever I rest my weary head to sleep
Whenever I hurt and cry, whenever I'm forced to lie awake and have to weep
Whenever I'm on the floor
Whatever it was that I believed before
Whenever I say your name, whenever I say it loud, I'm already praying

Whenever I say your name,
No matter how long it takes,
One day we'll be together

Whenever I say your name,
Let there be no mistake
That day will last forever.




I do not think I will ever attain the maturity required to appreciate good music.
By good music, I mean people who make music for the sake of music. I mean,yeah I do listen to them once in a while, when im in an intense,somber mood. But I have always looked at Music and Movies as things thqt are supposed to be not-so-in-tune with reality..that is probably why Chick flicks make me happier than dark chocolates or why Pop music(yes,Madonna,The Backstreet Boys,JLo,hip-hop beats) sounds sweeter to my ears than "real music" ..the likes of pink floyd,the beatles,metallica,the doors..and blah blah. No, I do not understand their music or their work and I shall not pretend to like them. I am musically retarded and I like it very much.

Hell! I can't even understand what aditi talks about.


Give me a 'J', give me a 'U', give me a 'N',give me a 'O'..what does it say..?

/ˈdʒunoʊ/ Pronunciation[joo-noh] –noun
1. the ancient Roman queen of heaven, a daughter of Saturn and the wife and sister of Jupiter: the protector of women and marriage. Compare Hera.
2. Astronomy. the fourth largest and one of the four brightest asteroids.
3. a woman of regal appearance or bearing.
4. Military. the code name for a beach on France's Normandy coast, attacked by Canadian forces as part of the Allies' D-day invasion on June 6, 1944.
5. a female given name


For the Heart..

Corny as it sounds,we all have had times when the most unusual of things light up that flawless joy in our hearts.This photo from TOI is one such.For me.

N.B.-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh hugs Ankit Rai after presenting the Bravery Award to him in New Delhi on Thursday. Seven-year-old Ankit from Faridabad was kidnapped in April last year, tied to a railway track and left to die after his parents refused to meet the demand of Rs 7 lakh from the kidnappers. He managed to untie his legs and right arm, but his left arm was severed under a moving train.


An evening at the Park

I,AK,Poorvi and Y decide to go to a park.Not the close one by.The one that will need us to take a two wheeler.
At the park I get involved and play with Y.
Y is rambling about the day and jumping from what she bought with gramma last shopping to why she dont like the park near by home and screeching,tells me, to give a harder push to the swing that she sits on.
I notice a certain wild-ride-merry-go-round mounted by a frail 3(?) year old.
The woman(the caretaker/maid) with her,manually pushes the Merry-go-round.It quickly picks pace*.The speed appears frightening.I am fuddled.I am thinking "God,cant she see its too fast for the kid?" "Isnt the kid afraid?" "She looks so light and fragile,what if.."
I think its best to be around that kid,just in case.
I tell Y to hang on for a bit.
I get closer.I hear the kid whimpering.."Enough!" "Thats enough!" "I can't take it anymore!" The woman continues to push.Like rotating a heavy wheel.All force.
The speed is so monstrous that I am not sure if I can stop the thing single handedly.
Suprisingly,I manage to stop it.
I get the kid down.Her eyes are welled up with tears.
I ask the maid in Kannada(the local language in Bangalore,India),what the hell was she thinking letting the kid sit on a thing like that and pushing it with all her might even when the kid insisted that she had had 'enough' of her ride?
The woman protests saying that the kid 'herself' insisted on being pushed so wildly.
I look at the kid. I ask her if she likes that.
She looks at me as if trying to understand what am I talking to her about.
When she does get my question,she promptly says,"No,I don't like that."
I am seething in such hellish fury that it both astonishes and scares me.
I tell the maid to take to me to the little girl's place and that I want to talk to the kid's parents.
The maid says,"why?"
"I can't give you such details."
"Its none of your goddam business."
"Its not like you are going to be around here everyday and do this sort of a thing."(I still can't figure what the heck she meant by this)
She also says,"Its personal."
I tell her that she needn't worry if its personal or fuckin' public,and to just take me to the kid's place.The maid protests..saying that she did..what the kid asked for...blah blah blah...ya da ya da...
I resist.
She assertively takes hold of the kid and starts to leave.
I wait,stand back,and look at the two.
The kid begins to chatter.I notice they share a rapport.
I go after them again.
I tell the caretaker that must take care of the kid more cautiously.
Was I paranoid?
Did I overreact?
My nerves aren't placed right?

I ask the maid her name.I ask the kid her name and about her school.
The Kid speaks quite clearly for a 3 year old and seems sharp.And this makes me question her again.
I ask her-"What do you do?"
She says-"uhmmm..I come here everyday..."
I quickly add-"No,no,I meant do you go to school as yet."
"Yes." She smiles. Her smile assures me that she is going to be fine.
I request the maid to be more careful.She grins uneasily.
Whew! I walk back to Poorvi and Y.

*The kid I talk about was the only one on the merry-go-round.Perhaps this the cause for my concern.I still cannot figure.Or maybe the girl's tears? I am not sure.



Wallowed up in guilt of breaking the bubbles
Annihilating the walls built for a time in future
lying in dark embers of space
With flesh,bones left
life stolen
Dreams are a far fetched destination:
eschwed by decisions.



Shadowed by the moon's creamy light,letting the blue winds steal this heart's fire,answering the calls of nocturnal souls,finding the Self admist shattering silence.My journey back to the source.


bitterness and hate

spewing unwarranted heaps of bitterness and spite on people,
Do we react?
Do we ignore?
Do we stoop down and throw shit right back at those faces?!
Do we strain the relationship?
We do keep moving forward?