Happy People

Of the timeless question of sanity and insanity.
Love springs from the latter,listen clear.
Joy,and crystal bliss of yonder speaks of an essential characteristic of fallible insanity.
And out there in the world of knowns and facts many a soul perish delinquent.
For the inability to be.For the fears of others but himself.For the sheer knowledge of being with them:they say.,and for not being kicked to the ground of relics.
For the lack.Of being.
Being insane.

READ:They laugh.A lot.
They laugh at what I did.They laugh at what I do.
They laugh at what I say.(had said)
I ask them " Please tell me the joke too."
They laugh harder.
I think they are very happy people.


G said...

Thought Provoking.
I've begun to love your work!

Solipsista said...

Thank youuu!
I love you!
Hope to see you around as often! :)