I come from the womb of the Earth
And so do you
Therefore I know that you know
I know you lie to yourself
I know you run away
And I met Time
She promises to heal me
All the un-nursed wounds that you left
But I know she lies too.
She lies too
Just like you
What I gave you and shared, is that very mystery
That none can define
Its what life is made of
Its what gives each one of us a soul to sustain
and a body to nourish
Is it love?
No.Obsession:we understand.
We cannot handle something as sacred as Love.
So,let us call it 'want','need' or 'Obsession'.
We do not want truth
And we claim to be honest
We want to romance confusion
We want to relish pain
We want to scrape out the now
We want to forever embrace the past
We want correct answers
I hear sacred chants over and over recited in the mind of my soul
My body shudders and evades at the fact that you are not here
I tell time I will be her friend
The clock begins to tick again.


Anonymous said...

You wrote this yourself huhh?

Chad said...

this one 8/10

Ravenous said...

Wounded hearts are wounded souls.
why must be so difficult to understand..???

axe and roses said...

Listen baby..,.
If you need me call me
no matter where u r
no matter how far...
yes..that song

Mandeera said...

Girl you got lots of calibre...keep it going!!
*clap* *clap*