Streets:Where I truly belong

I dont need prayers to save me..
to make me belong..
to give me a heart and mind again..just when i think ive lost it
i head..i head out ..to the gushing winds..
they always welcome you.irrespective of what you were,what you are,
what you wish to be...they always do.
again i am given the green carpet which seem to have spread to the spaces
obscuring the crimson sun,the costly stars,the opal moon ..the omnipresent seas above..I have tasted,breathed,slept,embraced,kissed,given blood to witness our unwritten unsung bonds...I have tasted dust.I have been dust.
The streets have given me most.Refuge,peace,unbounded joy,inseperable bonds,the lovelist winds in the world,the trickles of rain that kiss my face,..
Ive known its dark sides too..
We have had our tough times..times when I had to prove myself worthy by thw way of blood,dust,and bruises.
I have been forever adviced against the ties we had forged in the many years..
I have been told to quit.for good.
But Its children are proud.They are real.They stick by their own minds.
I am its happy child.

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