Time:5:15 p.m.
Place:Sankars,4th Block Jayanagar.

After a brief shopping spree alone,I head to Sankars to browse books cos I really dont feel like heading home.Its festival and Im not excited about it at atll.And too many people dropping into my place.I go the Indian Fiction section and my eyes spot Mark Tully.I remember Vikram telling me that he liked Tully.So I decide to try his book.The book is titled "No full stops in India".
I notice there is also a coffee shop adjoining the book store.I order my coffee and get back to my book.My seat directly faces the manager of the bookstore.I realise this only after I notice that he has been staring at me for quite sometime now.
I finish my coffee and decide on my book.
I go to the billing counter and the manager has to bill the book for me.
I give him the book.
I ask him,"Are you the manager here?"
"What is your name?"
I say"I did not like the way you were looking at me."
He is caught off guard.
I notice his ears turning red.
He fumbles for words.
He says "Sss-ss-staring? I wasnt Staring.I wasnt Staring!!"
"Ok.Fine if you werent."
"I'm shocked why would I be staring at you?"
"If you werent why are you being so defensive?"
He giggles..
"No!No! madam,you are not supposed to sit here AND read the book."
"Well,its a coffee shop.I bought coffee too.Then you must put up a notice."
"No,no,its just that you are not supposed to sit and read.thats why I was looking at you.ok?thats all."
"Then you could have simply told me that I wasnt supposed to sit here AND read."
He says the same thing again and again.("No madam!we do not allow people to sit and read!No madam! You are not supposed to sit here and read!")
I ask him, does he realise he is talking crap?

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