As I ride down the lane.
I brush past a million things I seldom notice.
This time I noticed.
The grrrrrr...Sound.. Linsie complains with..
When I go above 50 km/hr.

The Sky who flirts with the varied types of weather...
I empathise with Him...
I want everything Too.
He seems like me...
Paying equal attention to each adored Damsel,who claims to be his.
Rain,Dust,Breeze,Ferocious Sun,Wind,Drizzle,..
He is undecided.
He likes em all.
He loves em all.

I wish I could look at Him all the time.
I love the way he looks at me when I make the water my bed.
Wish I could be one of the things he was undecided on.
I would be away.
Up and Away.
With the breeze caressing everything mine.

But I feel Gravity.
And Ive assignments to complete.


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Meghana Naidu said...

and i have assignments too :P