Did you say Gen-gap?!

I bet we all did.
I want you to open a savings account with the LIC agent.He's my cousin's daughter's son-in-law.So, no worries kusu.I know the guy.(WOW! we are connected to another person on the planet by less than 6 people. awesome.)
I will only say this once.Try and get it.I wouldnt like to explain things in detail(whew!can catch up wid some indigo!!)
Look,the things that society says these days about women empowerment,gender-equality, female property rights ivvella bari shoki mathu.The parliament passed the bill,it went through the rituals of yes/no/maybe/who cares/what about us?/what,what abt u?/blah/blah/ and tediously materialised into one of the laws you read abt in the Indian Constitution.
Sure.But thats where it will be.The popular problem of delay of execution.
Likewise,you hear people talk all the things that women would like to hear.
Did you notice them walk their talk. Illa kusu,that dont happen.
So, you get what I mean? Only you can and should rely on yourself in every other sense.
Especially the finances. (Grinning I raise both eyebrows)
Come to think of it. My thatha wasnt born anywhere after 1930.

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