My ears went dumb
to the beat o My heart;
I'd already started doing 'the' thing
what with all the bling.
the lights had gotten used to..
forever shining over My head
they'd do it 'ven if I were dead.
there was always a smile on my lips,
And My heart was...by my mind..eclipsed.
I enter the hall o fame
the lights that blind My eyes seem very nice.
My friends are worth 'er a billion
ah! but so Am I
look,Muh sashay gives it 'way! (wot did you say?)
its Me here,Me there..
in the print..
bout the wedding ring..,the assaults..,
and My lifestyle being the way
the lights...they do really blind my eyes...
someone takes over..now...in guise
Ive lived all of my life...blinded.
Blinded, by the blinding lights.

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