This year on International women's day, March 8, thursday Blank Noise Bangalore + Radio Indigo announce a Night Walk- A Night Action PlanThursday. 7 pm.
RestHouse Road, park (off Brigade Road). Please assemble at the park by 6 30 pm.
All you have to do is step out in clothes you were 'eve teased' in/ experienced ‘street sexual violence in.We ask you to take a firm stand- “There is no such thing as 'asking for it'.”Together we are taking a stand by saying we do have the right to wear what we want to wear, and to feel safe in any kind of garment.
We will walk through the Night Action. We start from Rest House Road and conclude near the court at Cubbon Park. The Night Action Walk begins at 7 pm and concludes at 9.
Blank Noise and Radio Indigo ensure you a ‘safe’ ride back home with auto drivers who support the idea. We have about 50 autos for 150 of you to get home.
Please email us immediately at blurtblanknoise@gmail.comPlease include the name of the locality you need to get back to after the Night Action. Please call or email for any further questions- 98868 40612.
Fun. Thrill. Action. Guaranteed.